Kim Hee-seon "I went to Daechi-dong 16 times a day for my daughter who was studying abroad in LA."
Kim Hee-seon "I went to Daechi-dong 16 times a day for my daughter who was studying abroad in LA."
tvN's entertainment show 'Let's Eat and Drink' concludes with a meeting of legends and legends in Seocho-gu, Seoul.

In the 8th episode of tvN's 'Let's Eat or Drink (directed by Jin Bo-mi)', which airs at 8:40 pm today (11th, Thursday), the story of Kim Hee-sun, Lee Soo-geun, Lee Eun-ji, and The Boyz's Young-hoon, who are having their last lightning meeting, unfolds. 'Let's Eat or Drink', which showed off its potential by taking first place in the same time slot in household viewership ratings on cable and general programming channels for 7 consecutive weeks, is expected to enjoy a special event with special connections in Seocho-gu. (Nielsen Korea, based on paid platform)

In particular, on this day's broadcast, it was said that an instant phone call connection with G-DRAGON, the icon representing Korea, was made, raising expectations. From the special relationship between G-Dragon and Kim Hee-sun that existed before his debut, to the news of G-Dragon's comeback delivered directly, it is expected to attract a lot of attention from viewers. It is also a point of expectation that a lightning meeting between the two all-time legendary top two will come true.

In addition, Kim Hee-sun's ex-boyfriend(?), known as 'Born2B Seocho Kids', is scheduled to be summoned to the Seocho-gu lightning meeting. In particular, Kim Hee-sun revealed a funny behind-the-scenes episode of how she had to secretly work hard every time she met a younger boyfriend with a 192cm tall body, further heightening curiosity about who that person might be.

It is said that Lee Soo-geun's secret friend, who is rumored to be the wife of Seocho-gu, is also active as an entertainer. On the other hand, Hwang Je-seong, a popular entertainer, is invited to a lightning meeting in Seocho-gu less than a month ago, and is expected to be subjected to a hearing-level investigation into his character, making him laugh out loud. Lee Sang-yeop, a newly married man who has been newlywed for four months, also joined as a food friend on this day and revealed his love and marriage story with his wife.

In addition, actor Jang Hyuk is scheduled to make a surprise appearance on this day to heat up the atmosphere. He came running a month after receiving a lightning call from his friend Lee Sang-yeop. In particular, Kim Hee-sun smiled meaningfully at Jang Hyuk, saying, "There was something I wanted to ask when we met," amplifying curiosity about what kind of question he would have asked.

As we met in Seocho-gu, a key location for education, art, and transportation, we couldn't miss talking about education. In particular, Kim Hee-sun surprised everyone by talking about her gifted daughter Yuna, who is currently studying abroad in LA, and saying, "In the past, I went to Daechi-dong up to 16 times a day." Along with the honest story of Kim Hee-sun, a mother who is not an actress, you can also check out the special stories of children's education by the members of 'A Cup of Rice' on this day's broadcast.

Kim Hee-sun met her current husband, Park Joo-young, in 2006 through an acquaintance, and after a year of dating, they married in October 2007. They have a daughter, Yuna. Mr. Park Joo-young graduated from Hanyang University's Department of Law and is the second son of Laksan Group Chairman Park Seong-gwang. It is known that he currently runs a beauty company in Apgujeong-dong. Annual sales are rumored to be around 10 billion won.

Episode 8 of tvN's 'Let's Eat and Drink', which will conclude in Seocho-gu, will be broadcast today (11th, Thursday) at 8:40 PM.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google