Jeong In-seon became a researcher
Jeong In-seon became a researcher
The first script reading scene where the main characters of 'DNA Lover', a romantic comedy that will burn up the hot summer, including Choi Si-won, Jeong In-seon, Lee Tae-hwan, Jeong Yu-jin, Park Sung-geun, Lee Si-hoon, and Jeong Min-seong, gathered together was revealed.

TV CHOSUN's new weekend mini-series 'DNA Lover', which will be aired for the first time on the 17th of next month, is a romantic comedy that stimulates the five senses in which Han So-jin, a genetic researcher who has failed in numerous relationships, finally finds her partner through genes.

'DNA Lover' is raising expectations through the collaboration of director Sung Chi-wook, who directed fantasy with an unrivaled sense of fantasy in 'Tomorrow' and 'Kairos', and writer Jeong Su-mi, who presented a unique fantasy structure and detailed character play through 'Born Again'. Here, the birth of a unique 'romantic comedy' is being heralded by the appearance of perfect actors specializing in 'rom-coms' such as Choi Si-won, Jeong In-seon, Lee Tae-hwan and Jeong Yu-jin, and actors with unique acting skills such as Park Seong-geun, Lee Si-hoon, Jeong I-rang and Jeong Min-seong.

In relation to this, the first script reading scene was captured where the main characters of 'DNA Lover' achieved perfect harmony from the first meeting, from visuals to chemistry and acting compatibility. First, the script reading opened with a confident greeting from director Seong Chi-wook, the head of 'DNA Lover'. There were romantic scenes that clearly revealed the original concept of "DNA knows about love and destiny" and comical scenes that made people laugh. Year after year, cheers erupted. In particular, Choi Si-won, Jeong In-seon, Lee Tae-hwan, and Jeong Yu-jin gave passionate performances reminiscent of actual acting, doubling the characters' pleasant charm and increasing immersion.

Siwon Choi transformed into the role of Shim Yeon-woo, an obstetrician and gynecologist at 'Sim Hospital' who is infinitely kind to pregnant women and babies, freely moving between comedy and seriousness, and diversely depicting the sweet charm of a man who rejects all fatalism. Jeong In-seon portrayed the role of Han So-jin, a researcher at the 'Beneficial Gene Center' who is obsessed with 'finding fateful mates' with genetic combinations through various DNA experiments and explorations, and drew admiration by expressing her unique loveliness and vibrant liveliness.

Lee Tae-hwan, who played the role of Seo Kang-hoon, a handsome firefighter who does not change his mind and is honest, showed a variety of performances, ranging from the straight-hearted firmness of a manly man to his professional sense of duty and his subtle love for Han So-jin. Jeong Yu-jin played the role of Jang Mi-eun, a polyamorous, non-exclusive romantic relationship columnist, and caught the eye with her calm and comfortable speaking style and tone, as well as her confident and cool charm.

Meanwhile, Park Sung-geun, Lee Si-hoon, and Jeong Min-seong added vitality by controlling the temperature of the drama with their solid acting skills. Park Sung-geun, who played Shim Seong-hoon, an obstetrician and gynecologist once called the 'Hand of God' and Shim Yeon-woo's father, stole everyone's attention with his romantic gray stability and charisma. Lee Si-hoon appeared as Yeo Jeong-tam, an endocrinologist at 'Sim Hospital' and a classmate of Shim Yeon-woo, drawing laughter as a man full of errors and the complete opposite of Shim Yeon-woo. Jeong Min-seong, who plays the role of Seo Hyeong-cheol, Seo Kang-hoon's father and the owner of a sushi restaurant, skillfully demonstrated his warm-hearted and affectionate personality with realistic acting.

The production team said, "It was a pleasant start with applause and laughter continuing from the first script reading," adding, "'DNA Lover', which has perfect synergy not only with the acting skills of the famous actors but also with visuals and chemistry, will present a new world of fantastic romantic comedies." .

TV CHOSUN's new weekend mini-series 'DNA Lover' is scheduled to premiere on August 17th at 9:10 p.m.

Ten Asia Reporter Lee So-jeong translated by google