Seo Jang-hoon “I will build a house with a sea view and enjoy my golden years.”
Seo Jang-hoon “I will build a house with a sea view and enjoy my golden years.”
Seo Jang-hoon reveals that he dreams of living his old age in a house with a view of the sea.

In the 6th episode of 'The Unsolved Filer', which will be aired on the 11th, the case of murdering the wife of 53 years and taunting the deceased with all kinds of false statements will be investigated.

On this day, the cast members guess where the victim's body was abandoned with the clue that about 100 million won and 3 weeks of time are needed to search for the body. When the location of the body was revealed through collective intelligence, Seo Jang-hoon becomes enraged, saying, "The person I lived with my whole life... is a really bad guy." Park Seon-young asks, “Can we find the body (here)?”, making people immerse themselves in the entire story of the unbelievable criminal’s heinous crime, wondering where the body was abandoned.

Furthermore, the cast deduces why the criminal cut off the front of the T-shirt the victim was wearing and kept it. In response, Han Seok-jun is outraged by the culprit's ugly behavior, saying, "Why are you cutting it out?"

Accordingly, Professor Kwon Il-yong explains the tunnel vision phenomenon by saying, "The criminal's field of vision is narrowed and he does not consider the surrounding situation at all." He went on to point out the psychology of criminals who dream of perfect crimes, saying, “If you just hide this, you often end up foolishly thinking that your crime is perfect.”

In addition, today's broadcast will delve into the case of an unruly murderer who not only committed a contract murder of his family but passed the blame on to another murder. The identity of the person behind the tragic incident is gradually revealed, heightening tension. In response, Seo Jang-hoon expressed regret, saying, "I must have raised him with great care... I can't believe how heartbreaking he must be in heaven..."

On the other hand, Seo Jang-hoon, known as the owner of a building worth 70 billion won, drew attention by revealing his dream in old age, saying, “I want to choose a very good location, build a house there, and live there while looking at the sea.” In response, Park Sun-young embarrassed Seo Jang-hoon by asking Jang-hoon, "Are you planning to buy all the famous sea view spots?" and brought laughter to the frozen studio.

Episode 6 of the crime quiz show 'The Solved Filer' will be broadcast on the 11th at 8 PM through AXN, Lifetime, The Life, K-STAR, and SmileTV Plus.

Ten Asia Reporter Lee So-jeong translated by google