Lee Sung-kyung, personality like a psychopath
Lee Sung-kyung, personality like a psychopath
Actress Lee Sung-kyung left a short but strong impression.

Lee Sung-kyung made a special appearance in the final episode of tvN's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Player 2', which aired on the 9th, as the 'clear-eyed' psychopath Leah, and swept all eyes with her performance as a villain who catches villains.

The sound of high heels echoing in the silence of the prison and the sight of Leah's back wearing a doctor's gown created a strange sense of tension and curiosity. Eventually, everyone was surprised when they arrived at the solitary confinement where Jeffrey (Kim Kyung-nam) was imprisoned and Leah's true identity was revealed.

On this day, Lee Sung-kyung's surprise appearance, which no one expected, surprised viewers. As soon as she appeared, Lee Sung-kyung overwhelmed everyone's attention and showed a presence that raised the immersion in the drama to the peak.

Leah and Geoffrey, who had reunited after three years, were exchanging greetings. When Geoffrey said, "Let's go out and talk about what we couldn't say before," Leah said, "Going out? Who? You? I thought you came to save me. What should I do? It's not like that." “He burst out laughing as if it were ridiculous and immediately ordered his companions to subdue him. With excited eyes, Leah asked, “Can you make my expression a little more painful?” and the eerieness of Leah, who enjoyed the other person’s pain, gave me goosebumps.

Leah, who was dissatisfied with Geoffrey's continued resistance, said, "Pretending to be strong! Death is pain. I'm here to make you suffer. But what if you take it like that? It's not worth it for me to do this," and took out a rope. Without a moment of hesitation, he strangled Jeffrey.

Lee Sung-kyung decorated the finale of 'Player 2', which attracted a lot of attention, with a 'special appearance party'. The appearance of Leah, the 'ultimate villain' who eliminated Jeffrey, who had been active as the main villain throughout the plot, with one blow, presented a shocking twist.

Contrary to the attractive visuals of her bright expression and tone of voice, Lee Sung-kyung, who plays the role of a ruthless psychopath on the inside, dramatically expresses the crazy side of the murderer with her suddenly cold eyes, creating a 'breathtaking ending' that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end. It shook the theater.

Through this special appearance, Lee Sung-kyung, who perfectly played the darkest villain character since his debut and proved his solid acting skills and unlimited acting spectrum, is raising expectations about what kind of new work he will show in the future.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google