Kim Seong-joo said "I’m embarrassed"
Kim Seong-joo said "I’m embarrassed"
The parents of Andreas, a Greek broadcaster, arrive in Korea and begin a sweet and bloody (?) back-smashing journey.

In episode 6 of the tvN STORY entertainment show 'Back Smashing with a Passport', which airs at 8:20 pm on the 9th, the third global family, Andreas, an all-round entertainer who made himself known as a representative of Greece at the Abnormal Summit, and his global family will appear.

Andreas, who received a lot of love for his unique speaking skills as well as his strong body and facial muscles (?) and passion for broadcasting, is currently working with famous idols such as BTS Jungkook, NCT 127, Stray Kids, TXT (Tomorrow by Together), Aespa, and Ten. He is also active as a collaborative video producer. With the news of the marriage of his son Andreas, the fruit of his dream and love in Korea, his Greek father, Alex, and his American mother, Monica, fly to Korea in a month. In particular, her mother, Monica, cannot hide her excitement about going to Korea. She surprises Kim Seong-joo and Jo Hye-ryeon by boasting of her record of watching over 100 K-dramas and, as a K-food lover, the kimchi, seaweed, and K-dumplings that occupy her refrigerator. DinDin, looking at the soju popping out from a thousand miles away, admires Monica's deep(?) love for Korea, saying, "It's red! It's got a red lid!"

Parents flew to Korea after a long flight to meet their son. However, his son Andreas, who was expected to meet him at the airport, is nowhere to be seen. Jo Hye-ryun hits Andreas, who boycotted his parents' pick-up, by saying, "What are you doing now?" Seongju Kim also said, “I’m embarrassed,” and all lights turned on in the studio. Andreas's parents decided to go find their son on their own after receiving a phone call from Andreas saying something had happened. As they move to the subway, a suspicious man wearing a ghillie suit (sniper camouflage uniform) and an MZ inspector wearing sunglasses and wearing a hanbok attire appear in front of them, confusing them. The Andreas family, who had a happy meeting after a surprise(?) prepared by their son, fills out the K-wish list of what his mother Monica wanted to do while watching K-drama, one by one. Andreas' family goes to taste authentic Korean food for their parents, who are Korean food enthusiasts! The joy of welcoming K-food is short-lived, and a cute confrontation begins between the son Andreas, who is serious about taking care of his health, and his parents, who love Korean food.

Episode 6, which begins a new exciting Korean travel story of Andreas, a Greek native who has lived in Korea for 12 years, and his global family who flew to Korea to see him, will be aired on tvN STORY at 8:20 pm on the 9th. Afterwards, it can be seen every Tuesday at 8:20 PM on tvN STORY.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter
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