Park Bo-gum ends up crying over the breakup... “I want to meet you again”
Park Bo-gum ends up crying over the breakup... “I want to meet you again”
Actor Park Bo-gum completed a miraculous 72 hours of living in Ruri.

In the 3rd episode of 'My Name is Gabriel' (directed by Kim Tae-ho and Lee Tae-kyung, written by Cho Mi-hyeon, hereinafter referred to as My Name is Gabriel), which aired on the 5th (Friday), the story of Park Myung-soo and Park Bo-gum, who go to Chiang Mai, Thailand and Dublin, Ireland, and live other people's lives. It was drawn.
Park Bo-gum ends up crying over the breakup... “I want to meet you again”
Park Bo-gum ends up crying over the breakup... “I want to meet you again”
Park Myung-soo, who transformed into Somtam seller Wooti, began preparations for business in earnest with his part-time worker ‘Su’ and his cousin ‘Mr.’ Park Myung-soo sighed and said, "I can't do that," as Su was demonstrating his skill in handling ingredients. Su responded, "If you don't do this, you won't be able to run a business. Didn't you teach me yourself?" Preparing papaya, the main ingredient of Som Tam, was also not easy. Park Myung-soo gave a warning to Mr. Park, who was watching him silently, saying, "Do something," and then Mr. Park started preparing the ingredients with flashy movements as if showing off, making him burst into laughter. The polar opposite chemistry between the talkative trainer Su and the silent Go Soo made viewers go crazy.

The Somtam shop in Ooty was mobile and mounted on a motorcycle. Another unexpected situation was waiting for Park Myung-soo, who arrived in front of the business spot 'Wat Phra Singh' temple while driving a motorcycle. Ooty's friend, who had no prior information about 'Gabriel', started asking, "Where did Ooty go?" Park Myung-soo emphasized that he was Woo-ti, but he said he would try to contact Woo-ti, and Park Myung-soo, who was embarrassed, urgently shouted, "Don't call me," causing laughter. The reactions of people around him, which were quite different from those of Park Bo-gum in Ireland, were also an interesting point that raised the dopamine levels of viewers.

Few customers came to the store in the scorching heat, which soared to 45 degrees. Park Myeong-soo, whose goal is to sell 50 bowls, was inspired by Su's story, "It's not even worth the price of dinner," and even started his own sales activities. With the appearance of regular customers, people began to come, but some customers left with injuries, making Park Myung-soo anxious. Su tried to appease him by saying, “Woo-ti had a good heart and trusted people,” but Park Myung-soo bombarded him by saying, “Because I have a good heart, I will also cut Su’s salary.” In response, Su said, “Didn’t you decide to give me a bigger salary this month?” and showed his soul’s tiki-taka, causing laughter.

Park Myung-soo, who sold 10 bowls with difficulty, later became curious about Su's dreams and gave him a warm feeling by showing them getting closer. Afterwards, the scene where his wife Jam stopped by the store and cheered, saying, “Thank you so much for working so hard for me and the child today,” filled viewers with warmth.

Lurie Bogum's last day dawned in Dublin, Ireland. Ruri Bogum, leader of the 'Ram Parts' choir, rehearsed with the choir members as if it were a real performance ahead of the St. Patrick's Day busking, and even prepared a slogan with the Ram Parts logo, which received a warm response. Above all, the scene where he remembers the names of all the members was touching. Park Bo-gum said, “I think it’s very meaningful to remember and call someone’s name.”

When we arrived in front of the concert hall, it started raining. As the rainy performance, which was unfamiliar to director Park Bo-gum, began, the audience gradually gathered. Unlike the first practice, Park Bo-gum enjoyed the performance with a relaxed look, exchanging glances with the members. In the performance of 'Moondance', where Ruri was supposed to dance with the audience, she naturally elicited a positive response from the audience and showed off her dancing skills. She also sang her solo song 'Falling Slowly', which made her even cry during practice, with perfect enthusiasm. did.

In particular, friends who met Ruri Bogum on the train visited the busking scene to add to the emotion. Park Bo-gum successfully completed his three-day busking performance with a fast-paced ending song that filled him with excitement. Regarding his feelings about performing in front of an audience that did not know him instead of 'celebrity Park Bo-gum', Park Bo-gum said, "It was a completely different experience, and thanks to that, I created meaningful memories."

After the first busking, an after-party was prepared to unwind. Park Bo-gum said to the members, "I want to come back to Dublin someday (as Park Bo-gum). Then, give me Ram Parts again." The friends' surprise gift was a song they had prepared for Ruri. Park Bo-gum ended up bursting into tears at the unexpected farewell gift. In addition, friends conveyed their emotions with a rolling paper and Korean handwritten letter event with the slogan “I will remember you forever.” Looking back on his life over the past three days, Park Bo-gum said, "It was a time full of love."

In the epilogue, the real identity of Ruri, which aroused everyone's curiosity, was surprisingly revealed. As Park Bo-gum was returning to the share house, someone said, "I saw Ramparts' performance," and expressed his fanboy sentiment. At this time, Park Bo-gum, who was watching his own video in the studio, shouted, "It's Ruri!" This busking audience member, whom Park Bo-gum guessed to be Ruri, was revealed to be 'Jin' Ruri and the delivery worker he first met at Dublin Airport three days ago, giving him goosebumps. In particular, the movie-like production with Ruri appearing at the beginning and the end thrilled viewers.

The scene where the lights turn on in Ruri's house as Park Bo-gum leaves is also talked about as a moment where the production team's detailed directing skills shined. MC Davichi said, “Are we such solid professionals?” and “It gives me goosebumps.” Defconn applauded, saying, “I thought there wouldn’t be any dopamine, but here it comes.”

Park Bo-gum's 72 hours, which felt like a movie, ended with a busking performance. The three stages of emotional change that permeated Ruri's life, starting with embarrassment, adapting, and empathizing, were also a special point of fun. Park Bo-gum conveyed healing by showing complete immersion in Ruri's life, from her relationships with her parents and friends to her role as choir leader, with her brilliant musical talent and high-level English skills.

JTBC's 'My Name is Gabriel' airs every Friday at 10:30 p.m.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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