Will PD Kim Tae-ho, who avoided Na Young-seok, have an effect in increasing viewership ratings?
Will PD Kim Tae-ho, who avoided Na Young-seok, have an effect in increasing viewership ratings?
Park Bo-gum presents the long-awaited busking stage on the last day of 72 hours of Ruri Sal.

In episode 3 of 'My Name is Gabriel', which airs today (the 5th), the story of Myungsoo Wooti, who starts selling cotton tams, and Ruri Bogum's busking challenge unfold.

Park Bo-gum, who showed the life of Ruri, the leader of the choir 'Ramparts' in Dublin, Ireland, conducts a final rehearsal with the members ahead of the long-awaited busking. From the introduction of the song to familiarity with the lyrics to the performance of the solo song 'Falling Slowly', much attention is being paid to whether Ruri Bogum, who is under a lot of pressure as the leader, will be able to successfully complete the performance prepared for three days. Above all, it is of interest whether Park Bo-gum's Dublin dance moves can be seen through the 'Moondance' performance, which is planned as an audience participation type.

Park Bo-gum, who opened the first fire of 'My Name is Gabriel', ends 72 hours of living in Ruri, which seems unfamiliar yet familiar. It is said that the special parting gift from friends who have become close to each other eventually brings tears to the eyes once again, making people curious about the story and what the gift is.

As curiosity about the actual 'Ruri' is growing, a meeting between Park Bo-gum and a person presumed to be Ruri was captured, signaling a twist. Park Bo-gum looks at his VCR in the studio and shouts, "Oh, isn't that really Ruri?", causing the studio to turn upside down. There is a lot of interest in the twist of the 72 hours to see whether the meeting between Park Bo-gum and Ruri actually took place.

Park Myeong-soo, who came to live the life of Somtam seller Ooty in Chiang Mai, Thailand, finally starts selling Somtam after many twists and turns. However, his Somtam store is a mobile shop mounted on a motorcycle, and he has to drive the motorcycle out into the streets to do business in the heat, which soars up to 45 degrees. In particular, when meeting Ooty's friend at a business site, an unexpected situation arises, raising curiosity about the broadcast.

Episode 3 of ‘My Name is Gabriel’ will be aired at 10:30 PM in a changed time zone.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google