Jisung, won’t his drug addiction be discovered?
Jisung, won’t his drug addiction be discovered?
The SBS Friday-Saturday drama 'Connection', which has only two episodes left until the end, has revealed 'last-minute viewing points' that must be pointed out before watching the finale of 'Addiction Tracking Suspense'.

'Connection' received enthusiastic support from viewers by appropriately combining two unlikely themes, crime and friendship, into a suspense genre, presenting the ripple effect and twist that comes from the unique relationship of friends. As a result, it ranked first in Friday-Saturday dramas for 12 consecutive episodes and ranked first in Good Data Corporation TV-OTT search response for four consecutive weeks.

In episode 12, Jang Jae-kyung (Ji-seong) and Oh Yun-jin (Jeon Mi-do) were angry at Jeong Sang-eui (Park Geun-rok) for confessing that he was a doctor, but in order to catch Park Tae-jin (Kwon Yul), who runs a lemon mulberry business under Jeong Sang-eui's name, they came to Jeong Sang-ui's expense. The arrest was postponed for a while. Afterwards, the Pilio-dong redevelopment project went well, but at the end, it was shocking when Jang Jae-kyung discovered the body of Jeong Yun-ho (Lee Kang-wook), who was killed by Oh Chi-hyeon (Cha Yeop).

In relation to this, we have summarized the 'last-minute viewing points' of 'Connection', which will contain an explosive narrative until the end, into four points.

The first ‘last-minute point to watch’ is Park Tae-jin’s true identity. In order to make a profit without revealing his identity as a prosecutor, Park Tae-jin started a lemon mulberry business using Park Jun-seo (played by Yoon Na-mu), who was desperate for his daughter's hospital expenses. When Park Jun-seo died, he started a lemon mulberry business with Jeong Sang, a doctor who manufactured lemon mulberries. maintained. However, it is difficult to find evidence because Park Tae-jin is thoroughly hiding his connection with Lemonmong. In a situation where Park Tae-jin has been appointed to the prosecution department of the Ministry of Justice and holds even greater power, attention is being paid to whether Jeong Sang-eui's action of telling Lemonmong salesman Gong Jin-wook (Yoo Hee-jae) that he is a doctor and Park Tae-jin will have an impact.

The second ‘last-minute point to watch’ is the truth about the Chae Gyeong-tae incident 20 years ago. 20 years ago, young Jang Jae-kyung (Jo Han-gyeol) fought until the end for the truth about Chae Kyeong-tae's case, which was handled as a fire incident, and was forced to transfer to a new school alone, which also led to a falling out with young Park Jun-seo (Lee Hyun-so). In addition, Noh Gyu-min (Ahn Do-gyu), who had been watching from afar as Jang Jae-kyung and Park Jun-seo were fighting over the Chae Gyeong-tae case behind the school, grabbed Won Jong-su's name tag tightly, raising questions. Attention is drawn to whether Jang Jae-kyung will be able to hear the truth of that day by meeting Noh Gyu-min, whom Jeong Sang-eui told him to meet, and what actions Noh Gyu-min, who helped Jeong Sang-eui to move the body of Lee Myung-guk (Oh Il-young) from Yeongryun Frozen, will show.

The third ‘last-minute point to watch’ is the person who killed Park Jun-seo. Before his death, Park Jun-seo called Park Tae-jin, Won Jong-su (Kim Kyung-nam), and Oh Chi-hyeon and instructed them to gather at the construction site, creating a meaningful atmosphere. And Park Jun-seo, who was determined to put everything back in place, showed his face on the 9th floor as soon as his friends arrived and fell to the 1st floor while his friends were going up in the elevator, raising questions. While Park Tae-jin, who had an affair with Park Jun-seo's wife Choi Ji-yeon (Jeong Yu-min), Won Jong-soo, who used Park Jun-seo as a drug delivery ploy, and Won Jong-soo's henchman Oh Chi-hyeon, are all suspicious, curiosity arises as to whether one of them is the real killer of Park Jun-seo, or if an unexpected person is the killer of Park Jun-seo. This is heightened.

The fourth and final 'point to watch' is whether or not Jang Jae-kyung's drug addiction will be discovered. Jang Jae-kyung was forced to become addicted to drugs after being promoted to the rank of police inspector. However, she struggled to hide her drug addiction because she would be excluded from the case if it was revealed that she was addicted to drugs. However, the moment Jang Jae-kyung first encountered withdrawal symptoms, she struggled in pain and ended up eating a lemon mulberry that was found as evidence inside the police station. The situation was resolved when Kim Chang-soo (Jung Jae-kwang), who discovered this, acquiesced, but Park Jeong-pyo (Yoo Kyung-hwan), a member of the violent crime team who had always clashed with Jang Jae-kyung, secretly attacked Jang Jae-kyung after hearing testimony from a criminal being investigated by the drug team that Jae-kyung had been injected with lemon mulberry. Hair was collected from lockers to increase the ominousness. Curiosity is growing as to whether Jang Jae-kyung's drug addiction will be discovered like this, and whether Jang Jae-kyung's wish to find the culprit who killed Park Jun-seo and reveal her drug addiction will come true.

The production team said, “There are still countless problems that need to be solved,” and added, “In the 13th episode, which will be broadcast on the 5th (today), and the 14th episode, which will be broadcast on the 6th (Saturday), a story containing more suspicions and deeper conflicts will unfold at a rapid pace. “We ask for your interest and expectations.”

Episode 13 of 'Connection' will be aired on July 5th (today) at 10 PM, and the final episode, Episode 14, will be aired on July 6th at 9:40 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google