Seo Jeong-hee remarries Kim Tae-hyun
Seo Jeong-hee remarries Kim Tae-hyun
Broadcaster Seo Jeong-hee shared her thoughts on the death of her ex-husband Seo Se-won.

In the 139th episode of Channel A's entertainment show 'Oh Eun-young's Golden Counseling Center', which aired on the 4th, Seo Jeong-hee appeared as a guest with architect Kim Tae-hyun, who is 6 years younger than her, with whom she is publicly dating.

On this day, Seo Jeong-hee, who returned to the counseling center after about a year, told about her current situation, having overcome breast cancer, working as a writer and CEO of an architecture company, and preparing for a senior Pilates competition.

Seo Jeong-hee said that her relationship with Kim Tae-hyun is welcomed by her entire family. Daughter Seo Dong-ju said, "The entire nation will feel that my mother looks much happier. I thought my mother was a sensitive and nervous person, but she was not. My mother will be surprised to see herself like that."

Seo Jeong-hee said, "For the first time, I felt, 'This is what liking feels like,' and 'I can like someone, too.'" She expressed her happy concerns, saying, "Can I be this comfortable? What is this feeling?" Dr. Eunyoung Oh expressed, “It’s like my first love that started at the age of 61.”

Kim Tae-hyun said, "Before I met Jeong-hee, I also went through a difficult time in my life. I ended up in a position where I was in charge of a national project for a certain country. As I approached it with greed, unreasonable factors arose in every process and problems arose with people and family. “There were problems and we ended up getting divorced, and when I sold my car and left behind the trunk, I met Jeong-hee and she was the one who reached out to me and said, ‘Let’s get it together again and do something together.’
Seo Jeong-hee remarries Kim Tae-hyun
Seo Jeong-hee remarries Kim Tae-hyun
Seo Jeong-hee said, "I am quite free when it comes to money. I lived alone for about 10 years. At that time, I met a lot of people with money, but I never felt secure."

He continued, "The process of hair loss (during cancer treatment) was ugly. I had no eyebrows, black nails, and blood pockets that needed to be replaced, but they washed and attached them. My mom went to get implants and back treatment, and they took care of all of that as well."

Seo Jeong-hee considered her previous marriage a trauma. Seo Jeong-hee said, "The hard feelings did not go away," and "To be honest, I had a strong thought, 'If you had lived with me, I wouldn't have died.' I was so sad that I didn't even convey my feelings, but I was too young and didn't know the world, so I tried to embrace that person's hardships. “I thought maybe I couldn’t do it, but I was scared and never talked to my husband, which was unfortunate,” she said.

Seo Dong-ju said, "I met my father when I was very young and we made a lot of mistakes with each other. In the end, there was a big (domestic violence) incident and the family was scattered because of it. I had a strong thought that it would be good for my father to apologize to my mother. Then, my mother “I thought I would recover a little faster,” he said.

Seo Jeong-hee still suffers from panic attacks to the point where she loses her mind when she deviates from the set routine even a little, and has a strong obsession with food because she was blocked from eating throughout her marriage.

Kim Tae-hyun confessed, "I wish I could be a little more free from oppression. It's okay to be wrong and it's okay to be criticized, so let's sprout again from the place that was broken. I want to help those people to the best of my ability."

Afterwards, Kim Tae-hyun took out a secretly hidden bouquet of flowers and made a surprise proposal to Seo Jeong-hee. Kim Tae-hyun began to read a handwritten letter written with sincerity and shed tears, saying, "It may not be that warm, but I will give my back to you," and Seo Jeong-hee hugged Kim Tae-hyun.

Seo Jeong-hee accepted Kim Tae-hyun's proposal, saying, "I'm so happy that I can't cry. I'm so happy. Let's love together." Kim Tae-hyun gave Seo Jeong-hee a cheek kiss, creating a warm feeling.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google