Kim Soo-hyun, Kang Dong-won, and Namgoong Min all appear on their faces.
Kim Soo-hyun, Kang Dong-won, and Namgoong Min all appear on their faces.
Seong-Hyun Moon recalls the time when he was cast as a child actor for Soo-Hyun Kim.

Actor Moon Seong-hyun, a new rising star in the entertainment industry, will appear as a special MC on KBS2's entertainment show 'New Release Edition' (hereinafter referred to as 'Pyeon Restaurant'), which will be broadcast on the 5th. Moon Seong-hyun has recently been receiving a lot of attention for playing the younger roles of popular male actors in both movies and dramas. Moon Seong-hyun is known to have not only a warm appearance but also an honest and pleasant reaction, raising expectations for the main broadcast of 'Pyeon Restaurant'.

In a recent studio recording of 'Pyeon Restaurant', Moon Seong-hyun gave a cute greeting with a shy smile, as if he was still awkward about appearing on a variety show, and made people laugh. MC Boom’s manager introduced Moon Seong-hyun as “an actor who plays the younger roles of many handsome male actors these days.” Moon Seong-hyun played the younger role of Ji Hyun-woo in the drama 'Beauty and the Pure Boy', the younger role of Namgoong Min in the drama 'Lovers', the younger role of Kang Dong-won in the movie 'Dr. Chun's Exorcism Lab', and the younger role of Yoo Yeon-seok in the drama 'Understanding Love'. He left a mark on the public with his impressive acting in various works.

In particular, in the drama 'Queen of Tears', which recently ended with a syndrome of popularity, she played the younger role of the male lead Kim Soo-hyun, which attracted a lot of attention. When MC Boom's manager asked how he felt about filming 'Queen of Tears', Moon Seong-hyun said, "I was really happy when I was cast as Kim Soo-hyun's younger role." He then shyly revealed the reason, making everyone listen.

After hearing Moon Seong-hyun's confession, the 'Pyeon Restaurant' family discovered something in common between Moon Seong-hyun and Kim Soo-hyun. In the end, Chef Lee Yeon-bok is said to have praised Moon Seong-hyun's real-life beauty, saying, "He has a good voice and is really handsome." In this broadcast, you can see why Moon Seong-hyun was excited about Kim Soo-hyun's casting as a child.

On this day's broadcast, Asia's center Kim Jaejoong's older sister, who is 20 years older than her, will be revealed for the first time on air. In addition, the story of actress Jin Seo-yeon, who went all the way to Berlin, Eonam Teacher Ryu Soo-young's new tteokbokki recipe, and the 'immediate recipe' seasoned dumplings will also be revealed. 'Newly Released Pyeon Restaurant', which will reveal recipes you want to follow as well as the warm stories of chefs in their dishes, will be broadcast at 8:30 pm on Friday the 5th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google