Hwang Je-seong and Park Sun-young became victims of the devil's editing
Hwang Je-seong and Park Sun-young became victims of the devil's editing
‘Family is Here’ has revealed fun viewing points that are guaranteed to be fun.

The SBS Plus entertainment show 'Family is Here', which will be aired for the first time on the 6th, depicts the pleasant travel story of Korea by 'Family', a foreign in-law who came to see the family who married a Korean.

Overseas in-laws who came to Korea from various countries predicted a Korean travel story that goes back and forth between 'fantasy' and 'disenchantment' as they explore Korea's latest trendy themes, starting with 'K-Mukbang', and even travel through the natural scenery. We pointed out the viewing points of ‘Family is Here’ that are more interesting if you know them.

There are so many things to be proud of in Korea. These include safe security, a feast of gourmet food that is inexpensive but no less than Michelin, and a high level of civic awareness that does not steal your wallet even if you drop it. ‘Family is Here’ reflects the many charms of Korea through the eyes of non-Korean foreign families. What country does ‘my baby’ live in? If you follow the curious gaze of the 'family', you are expected to encounter hidden charms and unique aspects of Korea that we who live here were unaware of because we were used to it.

‘Family is Here’ features three international couples. Ahn Jun-mo and Karina, a combination of a theater actor husband and a Russian model wife, Daniel and Lee Hyun-ji, who became famous as friends of 'British man' Josh, and Chris Johnson and Noh Seon-mi, 'foreigners who make Koreans laugh'. They are more Korean than Koreans. ‘Korean foreigners’ and their spouses. In particular, they are all 'trustworthy' creators who have gained recognition through various broadcasts and YouTube content, ensuring viewers' enjoyment of watching them. In addition, it is expected that it will continue the lineage of hit foreign entertainment shows such as 'Beautiful Women's Chat' and 'Non-Summit', with a visual that is as spectacular as that of a celebrity and a definite star quality.

‘Family is Here’ offers a different level of immersion with a unique progression that has never been seen before. In fact, it is said that in the studio where the recording of 'Family is Here' was held, there was a lot of exclamation at the unexpected development, while there were also complaints about the next content. In addition, the 'honey combination' of 'sub-character master' Hwang Je-seong and 'main character genius' Park Sun-young, who are all over the broadcasting industry, is one of the reasons for raising expectations. The honest and bold comments and sharp reactions they show are expected to add to the enjoyment of viewers.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google