Kim Soo-yong was scammed out of hundreds of millions of villas
Kim Soo-yong was scammed out of hundreds of millions of villas
Kim Su-yong, a man who wants to be MZ, and MZ representative dancer Harimu form a consensus as 'victims of fraud'.

In the first episode of 'Star Girl', which will be released on the 3rd, '66s' Ji Seok-jin and Kim Su-yong come as the first clients of 'MZ Hot Girls' Natty, Harimu, and Jenny Park. From the first meeting, Ji Seok-jin and Kim Soo-yong hesitated for a moment due to the hot girls' high tension, but they drew cheers with an official greeting that sniped at the hot girls' tastes, saying, "We are 'Mjjoda (men chasing MZ)'." Harimu asked for a life graph, saying, “If I want to produce a short form, I need to know about them.”

Suyong Kim said, “I became a comedian in my 20s and my graph started to rise. Then it took a nosedive in my 30s. “I was scammed,” he said, becoming sullen. When Ji Seok-jin asked, “You’ve never been scammed, have you?” Harimu said, “I have,” as if he had been waiting, and confessed that he had been scammed in a used camera transaction. In response, Ji Seok-jin revealed that it was a different level of fraud, saying, “This guy was a victim of a billion-dollar villa fraud.” Kim Soo-yong and Ji Seok-jin told the three people, who were astonished, to “never suffer from this again in the future.”

Ji Seok-jin also said, “I debuted as a singer in my 20s and had high expectations and my life graph went up, but I completely failed. “I pre-produced 30,000 copies, but only 2,400 copies were sold, so I fell into the abyss,” he confessed to his uneasy life. As Ji Seok-jin's life graph fluctuates rapidly, Kim Soo-yong scolds him and says, "What are you, an operation leader?" and made people laugh. Natty, Harimu, and Jenny Park were faced with unimaginable twists and turns in their lives, and they were worried about what kind of short form they would make for their lives.

The short form of the life of 'MZ Hot Girls', which is perfect for 'M Jjoda' Kim Soo-yong and Ji Seok-jin, who go back and forth between old-fashioned and MZ sensibilities, can be seen in the first episode of 'Star Girl: Pursu-mi is a Hot Girl', which will be released at midnight on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google