Jo A-ram, the ace of the audit team this time
Jo A-ram, the ace of the audit team this time
Actor Jo A-ram, who transformed into a 'smart' elite employee, colors the small screen with his colorful charm.

Jo A-ram plays the role of Yoon Seo-jin, a new employee in the audit office of JU Construction in tvN's new Saturday-Sunday drama 'Thank You', and is looking for viewers with a new appearance. 'Thank You' is set against the background of the JU Construction audit team, where embezzlement, corruption, and incidents are constant, and the story of Shin Cha-il (played by Shin Ha-kyun), the head of the audit team who is a rationalist, and Goo Han-soo (played by Jeong-ha Lee), a new member of the emotional faction, who come to root out the rats who are undermining the company. It is a work that contains a full-fledged office clean action.

Yoon Seo-jin, who Jo A-ram will play in the play, is a newcomer representing the MZ generation, a person with a smart and clear brain and outstanding visuals. He acts as the ace of the audit team by handling assigned tasks perfectly and neatly, but he is a rational character who maintains the appropriate line by showing a somewhat cold and haughty personality to his colleagues.

In particular, Yoon Seo-jin is expected to create an exciting development by showing extreme chemistry with Goo Han-soo, a new employee who is his only motivation and has a completely opposite personality. He plans to play an active role in many ways amid the tension between the new audit team leader Shin Cha-il and Vice President Hwang Dae-woong. Expectations are also high for the acting chemistry between the main actors, including Shin Ha-kyun, Lee Jeong-ha, and Jin Goo, who will play each character in the work.

Jo A-ram, who debuted as an actor through the drama 'Murderer's Shopping List', played the role of surgical resident Jeon So-ra in the JTBC drama 'Doctor Cha Jeong-sook', creating an attractive girl-crush character with a prickly but kind seniority, leaving a mark on viewers. Afterwards, in the KBS 'Drama Special 2023' one-act play 'Overlap Knife, Knife', he perfectly expressed the character's narrative and emotional changes with deep and deep emotional acting, proving his solid acting ability beyond that of a rising star, clearly imprinting his presence as an actor.

Jo A-ram, who has advanced beyond the small screen to the big screen, plays the role of Se-hyeon, a proud girl who transferred to Geoje after working as a cheerleader in Seoul, in Korea's first cheerleading movie 'Victory', which is scheduled to be released in August, showing a fresh transformation with an end-of-century sensibility. It will be presented.

Jo A-ram is going beyond being a rising star and is showing remarkable growth by playing an active part in various works. Attention is focused on the splendid acting moves she will make as she stands tall as a charming and trustworthy female lead based on her passionate passion and effort toward acting.

Meanwhile, 'Thank You', which will feature Jo A-ram's new transformation, will be broadcast for the first time on July 6th at 9:20 PM.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google