Kim Jae-joong ♥ Jin Se-yeon, they were each other’s first loves
Kim Jae-joong ♥ Jin Se-yeon, they were each other’s first loves
MBN's new Friday-Saturday mini-series 'Bad Memories Eraser' has released its first teaser video.

MBN's new Friday-Saturday mini-series 'Bad Memory Eraser' (directed by Ji-hoon Yoon, Na-young Kim / written by Eun-young Jeong / produced by Studio Ji-dam, Chorokbaem Media, Kim Jong-hak Production), which will be broadcast for the first time on Friday, August 2, is about a man whose life was changed by a memory eraser. A dangerous first love manipulation romance of a woman who becomes his first love. Produced by Chorokbaem Media, a master of Korean drama tradition, and Kim Jong-hak Production, expectations are high as Kim Jae-joong, Jin Se-yeon, Lee Jong-won, and Yang Hye-ji are confirmed to appear.

In the drama, Kim Jae-joong plays the role of 'Lee Goon', who was a promising tennis player but experiences low self-esteem after an injury, and is reborn as 'max self-esteem, MAX confidence, and MAX presence' through a memory eraser, while Jin Se-yeon plays a brain research doctor with the charm of Born To Be's absurd brain sex. I played the role of ‘Gyeong Ju-yeon’, who happened to become Lee’s manipulated first love. Accordingly, the first romance teaser preview video was released, showing the tension and excitement between Kim Jae-joong and Jin Se-yeon.

The released video opens with the narration, ‘This man has finally erased the pain he had wanted to forget for 15 years.’ Afterwards, Kim Jae-joong looked at Jin Se-yeon with sweet eyes and asked, “Can I get my lost memories back?” and Jin Se-yeon said, “You don’t have to remember. “Because I remember,” he answers, opening the prelude to a breathtaking romance surrounding the ‘manipulation of first love.’

He continued, “Is there something you want to do? Attention is focused on the two people looking at the starry night sky with Jin Se-yeon smiling, saying, “I’ll do whatever you want.” The distance in our hearts began to become closer, filling in happy memories instead of lost ones. Kim Jae-joong even looks at Jin Se-yeon's face and says, "You look so pretty that I want to protect you," giving off sweet eyes and showing off her warm visuals, thrilling the viewers.

Soon, Jin Se-yeon falls helplessly into Kim Jae-joong's reckless and reckless flirting. Jin Se-yeon looked at Kim Jae-joong as if she were immersed in it and murmured, “You’re handsome,” while Jin Se-yeon, who had already had a ‘heart attack’ as Kim Jae-joong continued to serenade her with ‘First Love,’ asked, “Why am I like this all day? I need to check. He says, “To my heart,” proving that his heart is naturally shaking. Next, Kim Jae-joong and Jin Se-yeon appear in close contact, as if they are about to kiss, making the hearts of those who see them pound. Curiosity is amplified by the tension-inducing first love manipulation romance as to whether Jin Se-yeon's heart will be able to respond to Kim Jae-joong's manipulated love.

Meanwhile, MBN's new Friday-Saturday mini-series 'Eraser of Bad Memories' will be broadcast for the first time at 9:40 pm on Friday, August 2, 2024, and will be broadcast on U-NEXT in Japan, America, Europe, Oceania, Middle East, and India through Rakuten Viki. It will be released exclusively on Viki.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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