Park Yun-bae's diary is revealed for the first time.
Park Yun-bae's diary is revealed for the first time.
The diary of the late Park Yun-bae is revealed for the first time.

In episode 90 of tvN STORY's 'Chairman's People', which airs at 8:20 pm on the 1st, the entire family spends special time in Cheorwon, the hometown of the late Park Yun-bae.

The Jeon family prepares a memorable meal with Eungsam, including Udae ribs, japchae, seasoned char, seasoned dried eggplant, and Cheorwon Odae rice, with Cheorwon specialties purchased at a local market operated in direct connection with local farmers and Cheorwon. In episode 89, son Park Ji-man and daughter Park Hye-mi, who met their father, the late Park Yun-bae, in tears, saw the table set and expressed their gratitude, saying that it was all food filled with memories of their father and that it was food that you especially liked. In addition, the grandson and daughter-in-law, who look exactly like Park Yun-bae, joined the fun lunch and attracted attention. To all the families who visited Cheorwon to remember their father, the family's story of raising two siblings alone despite their busy and irregular schedules and always providing packed lunches for them, as well as the diary written by Park Yun-bae during his lifetime, are revealed for the first time. Sentences filled with his always bright and positive warm nature bring tears to our eyes, and in this atmosphere, one by one, the cast brings out memories with Eungsam that are still vivid even after 20 years have passed.

After Park Yun-bae's family returned, the entire family went on a full-scale Cheorwon experience. Another Power Diary family comes to visit Cheorwon on an outing. The main characters are Lee Chang-hwan, who plays the role of Gaetdong’s father, Chang-su, and Lee Sang-mi, who plays Gaeddong’s mother, Hye-ran. This is Lee Chang-hwan's second appearance since episode 7, in which he appeared with Gae-dong's mother, and Lee Sang-mi's visit adds to the welcome after a long time since appearing in episode 7, in which she appeared with Gae-dong's father, and episodes 65 and 66, in which she had a tearful reunion with In Gyo-jin, who plays Gae-dong. . They are expected to make a surprise appearance disguised as a wasabi farm worker, a specialty of Cheorwon, and a monorail guide in a history and culture park where you can experience the history of Cheorwon, respectively. Attention is drawn to whether Lee Chang-hwan and Lee Sang-mi's plan will succeed.

The special relationship between these people, who have twice as many happy memories to share as they have for a long time, is introduced. The all-male family and Lee Chang-hwan, who had karaoke time singing 'Twist of Love' passionately, reminisce about their youth going around here and there with drinking friends who were 'karaoke members' at the time, including Lee Gye-in, Kim Myung-hee, Park Yun-bae, Park Eun-soo, and Lee Soo-na. In addition, guests Ssangbongdaek Lee Sook and dog poop mother Lee Sang-mi say that they are best friends. While the friendship between the two people, which started as neighbors and developed into a strong relationship that goes beyond family after being together for more than half of their lives, is conveyed, attention is focused on Lee Sook's revelation of Lee Sang-mi's secret troubles at the filming site of 'Country Diary'. .

Episode 90 of 'The Chairman's People', which features a special outing in Cheorwon, the hometown of the late Park Yoon-bae, who plays rural bachelor Eungsam in 'Country Diary', will be aired on tvN STORY at 8:20 pm on July 1. Afterwards, it can be seen every Monday at 8:20 PM on tvN STORY.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google