The four-cut photo in Lee Chan-won's wallet was revealed
The four-cut photo in Lee Chan-won's wallet was revealed
The human psychological analysis show 'One Little Difference: Psychomentary (hereinafter referred to as One Little Difference)' exclusively revealed the waiting room of 4 MCs Park Ji-sun, Hong Jin-kyung, Jang Seong-gyu, and Lee Chan-won.

On the 1st, Teacast E Channel 'Hankeutchai' raised expectations with a behind-the-scenes teaser in the waiting room that parodied the nostalgic entertainment news 'Section TV Entertainment News' two days ahead of the Season 2 broadcast.
The four-cut photo in Lee Chan-won's wallet was revealed
The four-cut photo in Lee Chan-won's wallet was revealed
The video, which was filmed at the first recording site of Season 2 of 'Hankeotchai' in mid-June, provided fun by capturing real and natural 'raw' appearances, from the MCs in make-up to very personal conversations.

Jang Seong-gyu, who appeared at the recording site first, cheered and said, “As expected, Chanwon’s words become reality.” Previously, in the last broadcast of Season 1, Lee Chan-won surprised everyone by saying, "The regular programming has been confirmed," and making the pincer prophecy come true. Meanwhile, Jang Seong-gyu chose perfume as the favorite item he always carries with him to the recording studio, and gave a passionate performance as a model for the 'Musk' perfume. When the production team explained that musk is extracted from the groin glands of animals, their eyes widened and they asked, "Is that why it has such an attractive scent?"

Hong Jin-kyung then introduced two tumblers divided by purpose and oil-blotting paper in a pouch as favorite recording studio items. Jin-kyung Hong said that the powder on the wax paper was very useful and even demonstrated it on her face. Afterwards, he also revealed the unspeakable story behind the unprecedented change in hairstyle. Jin-kyung Hong said in tears, "This happened at an African barbershop. There, colored paper ducks used stationery scissors."

Professor Park Ji-sun made a bombshell statement, saying that the pros and cons of starting season 2 of 'Hankeotchai' were "the existence of Jang Seong-gyu." Regarding this, he expressed his respect and envy by saying, "Having someone who is so good at storytelling next to me is stimulating and creates synergy. At the same time, I often worry about why I can't do it." However, soon Park Ji-sun said, "Jang Seong-gyu can't tell what to say and what not to say," and then asked the production team, "Is this going to be broadcast?", creating a realistic situation.

Lee Chan-won, who is busy with his first solo concert, broadcast, and various events, announced surprising news, saying, "I plan to go on a three-day overseas trip as a reward for myself." He showed off his 'Power J' side by saying, "I planned the three-day schedule in 10-minute increments," and eventually opened a group chat room with his friends to show off his well-organized list of good restaurants.

Chan-won Lee also chose a wallet as his favorite item at the recording studio. He said, "I feel so anxious without a wallet. I only carry one credit card," and even opened his wallet to show it. Meanwhile, a 'four-shot photo' with an unknown person was discovered in Lee Chan-won's wallet, creating tension. However, all of the discovered photos turned out to be friendship photos taken with male friends, and the situation that almost turned into a scoop ended up being an incident.

Before recording, the production crew happened to see Jang Seong-gyu coming out of the bathroom and asked, "Do you have an upset stomach?" Jang Seong-gyu was very embarrassed, saying, “Even something like this... what happens to my human rights?” In response to a question about how to loosen one's throat before recording, he jokingly said, "I loosen my anus instead of my neck," drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, Lee Chan-won exploded with jealousy toward Jang Min-ho with Jang Seong-gyu in between, causing laughter. Lee Chan-won expressed his disappointment about Jang Seong-gyu and Jang Min-ho, who developed into close friends while hosting a program together at another broadcasting company, saying, "I'm truly jealous. They did a program with me before Minho, and we knew each other longer..." and expressed his disappointment. Then, when a surprise question was asked, “Jang Min-ho VS Lee Chan-won,” Jang Seong-gyu avoided the crisis with a witty reply, “Lim Young-woong!”

‘Hankeutchai’ will be broadcast on July 3rd at 8:40 PM on OTT channels such as E Channel, Wave, Netflix, and Watcha. ‘Hankeutchai’ is also served as audio content on the podcast platform Podbbang and Apple Podcasts.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google