Kim Nam-il was publicly assassinated by Ahn Jung-hwan.
Kim Nam-il was publicly assassinated by Ahn Jung-hwan.
'It's a good thing I got a good rest' Sports club workers who took on the challenge of delivering breakfast by pulling a non-powered boat are in danger of being set adrift.

In the MBC entertainment program 'It's a Good Thing to Rest Well' (directed by Myeong-jin Kim, Moon-ki Kim, Jun-beom Lee, Ki-ho Kim / Writer Jeong-hee Kwon / hereinafter 'Good Good Rest'), which will be broadcast on July 1st, 'CEO Ahn Jung-hwan, sports team workers Hong Seong-heun, Yoo Hee-gwan, Kim Nam-il, The second story of the operation of a 0.5-star uninhabited island by Jo Won-hee and the main cast of idol sports team THE BOYZ and chef Jeong Ho-young is depicted. Boom, Dae-ho Kim, Dae-ho Lee, and Ye-eun Ji are in the studio.

On this day, the sports club workers Kim Nam-il, Jo Won-hee, Hong Seong-heun, and Yoo Hee-gwan go out to sea in the morning with a non-powered boat to take father and son guests to a fishing spot. Using the soccer team's calf and the baseball team's forearm muscles as engines, they successfully completed the round trip after an hour-long voyage.

However, to the returning sports team workers, ‘CEO Ahn’ Ahn Jung-hwan gives another mission: “Delivery breakfast to customers who are fishing.” These people, who have suffered a lot because they have great strength but no tact, are devastated to hear that they have to drive a boat again. However, he gathers his strength and grabs the oar again for the sake of the hungry guests.

The breakfast prepared by Chef Hoyoung Jeong was ‘Abalone Rice Balls’ and ‘Hijiki Soybean Paste Soup’. The burden on workers also increases because they have to deliver the food in the neat and tidy appearance that Chef Hoyoung Jeong put in the lunch box. To make matters worse, the current flows in the opposite direction to the direction they are heading, and the ship gradually drifts into the open sea.

Ahn Jung-hwan is said to have sighed as he watched the sports team workers struggling in an emergency situation, saying, “It’s embarrassing to be on the same sports team.” I am curious about the delivery scene of the sports team workers, where even Dae-ho Lee, who was watching in the studio, turned away and said, “I’m embarrassed too.”

Additionally, while delivering breakfast to guests, it is said that the sports team workers, who had not actually eaten anything, expressed a different anger than before due to hunger. I am curious to see how Ahn Jung-hwan will react upon seeing the angry sports team workers.

Meanwhile, the breakfast delivery scene, which is being attempted for the first time on a 0.5-star uninhabited island, can be seen on MBC's 'It's Good to Have a Good Rest', which will be broadcast at 9 pm on Monday, July 1.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google