Ji-seong and Jeon Mi-do find evidence of drugs
Ji-seong and Jeon Mi-do find evidence of drugs
Ji Sung and Jeon Mi-do reveal the scene of ‘Following Dangerous Man’.

SBS' Friday-Saturday drama 'Connection' recorded a high of 13.5% in the 11th episode, 10.4% in the metropolitan area, and 3.8% in 2049, continuing its winning streak by achieving the No. 1 Friday-Saturday drama for six consecutive weeks, No. 1 in the metropolitan area on all channels on Friday, and No. 1 in viewer ratings in 2049. .

In the 11th episode, Jang Jae-kyung (Ji-seong) and Oh Yun-jin (Jeon Mi-do) found out that Park Tae-jin (Kwon Yul) strangled Oh Yun-jin for giving the wrong password to the last digit of his coin account, and that Park Tae-jin had a huge amount of money in his coin account and that Park Jun-seo, who had set the last digit of the password, With (Yoon Namu) at the forefront, they deduced that Taejin Park was in the lemon mulberry business, but could not find any evidence. Next, Jang Jae-kyung threw a fist in anger when Park Tae-jin appeared to check the condition of Choi Ji-yeon (Jung Yu-min), who was attacked by Jeong Yun-ho (Lee Kang-wook), and Oh Yun-jin punched Park Tae-jin with full power and gave him cider.

In relation to this, Ji Sung and Jeon Mi-do heighten the sense of urgency with 'Dangerous Following', which announces the power and driving force of the cider duo. In the play, Jang Jae-kyung and Oh Yun-jin follow someone's footsteps to find evidence of the Lemonbong connection. Since it is not easy for Jang Jae-kyung and Oh Yun-jin to move to the next room, they quietly move to the backyard, hide themselves by crawling low, and use Oh Yun-jin's wiretapping device to focus on the conversation in the room.

Soon, Jang Jae-kyung and Oh Yun-jin, who were listening to the conversation in the room, go from complex expressions to sharp eyes and even a determined two-shot, causing a three-stage emotional change. Curiosity abounds as to what was the content of the conversation in the room that caused Jang Jae-kyung and Oh Yun-jin's emotions to change moment by moment, and who was the person they followed behind.

Ji Sung and Jeon Mi-do's 'three-stage emotional change while following' scene clearly showed off their fantastic chemistry of pretending to pretend. The two people enhanced the richness of the play by vividly expressing Jang Jae-kyung and Oh Yun-jin, whose chemistry was growing stronger with their nimble gestures, sharp reasoning skills, and bickering.

The production team described the scene as “a scene that opens the door to catastrophe in episode 12,” and added, “an intense mystery bomb will explode in episode 12, which will be aired on the 29th (today). “If you miss it, you will regret it.”

Episode 12 of ‘Connection’ will be broadcast at 9:55 pm on the 29th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google