Su-ji Lee has been notified of her departure.
Su-ji Lee has been notified of her departure.
Lee Soo-ji showed off her charm as a beautiful woman.

On the 28th, former season member Lee Soo-ji appeared on Comedy TV's 'THE Delicious Guys' and delivered a message of support.

Kim Jun-hyun, Moon Se-yoon, Hwang Je-seong, and Kim Hae-joon, who visited the tripe hotpot restaurant as their second restaurant, looked embarrassed at the sudden appearance of Lee Soo-ji.

Surprised by Lee Soo-ji’s question, “What happened?” Hwang Je-seong said, “I’m a guest. He said, “I came as a guest,” and Kim Hae-jun tried to change the topic by saying, “You lost some weight?”

However, Suji Lee said, “I lost weight because I stopped doing Delicious Guys. “After I got cut, I lost weight,” he responded wittily, drawing laughter. He then jokingly called his group and said, “Come, eat and leave.”

Suji Lee also said, “When I saw the article, I thought it was exactly this picture. Moon Se-yoon, Kim Jun-hyun, and Kim Hae-jun were perfect. But suddenly Emperor Hwang Je-seong was puzzled.” However, “It’s great to see four people sitting together now. I think history is being made again. I hope it becomes even more successful. Fighting!” He showed his great personality and made the filming set warm.

‘THE Delicious Guys’ airs every Friday at 8 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google