Lee Jeong-hyun, there was a reason for her second pregnancy.
Lee Jeong-hyun, there was a reason for her second pregnancy.
Lee Jeong-hyeon's daughter Seo-ah's cuteness explodes.

In KBS2's entertainment show 'New Release Edition' (hereinafter referred to as 'Pyeon Restaurant'), which airs on the 28th, Lee Jung-hyun spends a fun and happy time with her husband, daughter Seo-ah, daughter-in-law, loving parents-in-law, and her second child, 'Bokdong (Taemyeong)'. . In this process, the cuteness and cuteness of Seo-ah, who is growing day by day, explodes.

Lee Jung-hyun's VCR, which was released on this day, began with the image of cute Seo-ah, who toddled in front of the camera on a sunny day. When Seo-ah's face appeared on the screen, the 'Pyeon Restaurant' family all greeted them by saying, "It's Seo-ah!", while Seo-ah bowed her head towards the camera and said, "Hello!" The ‘Pyeon Restaurant’ family members all exclaimed, “It’s so cute” and “You look like a doll,” at the heart-pounding moment given by Seo-ah.

Cute Seo-ah played endless balloon blowing games with her father from early in the morning, quickly depleting his father's stamina and making him laugh. In addition, I send my heart to my dad who played hard and my mom who cooked delicious food. The aunts and uncles at the 'Pyeon Restaurant' studio were literally blown away by the cuteness of Seo-ah, who was making little hearts with her fern hands.

On the other hand, Lee Jeong-hyeon's in-laws came to her house that day, and the cuteness of her granddaughter, Seo-ah, who is a good grandmother and grandfather, exploded even more. In particular, when the impressive appearance of the parents-in-law was revealed, the eye smile DNA that was passed down to the father-in-law, Lee Jeong-hyun's husband, and Seo-ah for three generations also aroused surprise. When all three people laugh, their eyes disappear. The father-in-law said, “Seo-ah looks like me. “When I smile, my eyes disappear,” he said, facing Seo-ah and smiling, making her laugh again.

'Newly Released Pyeon Restaurant', where you can meet not only the story of Lee Jeong-hyun, her husband, parents-in-law, and Seo-ah, who are full of happiness, but also Seo-ah's cute charm that will melt the hearts of many online aunts and uncles, will be broadcast at 8:30 pm on this day. do.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google