Kim Hee-sun gave her mother-in-law a punch
Kim Hee-sun gave her mother-in-law a punch
Kim Hee-sun and Lee Hye-young launch an all-out offensive of 'Washin Counseling' to track down the 'mad villain' Yeon-woo.

MBC's Friday-Saturday drama 'We, Home' tells the story of Noh Young-won, a recognized best family psychologist in Korea, who tries to protect her family by collaborating with her mother-in-law, a mystery novel writer, when her career and family are threatened by an unknown blackmailer. It is a close-knit comic thriller.

In the last broadcast, Noh Young-won (Kim Hee-sun) struggled to save her mother-in-law Hong Sa-gang (Lee Hye-young), who was framed for murder through Lee Se-na (Yeon Woo)'s scheme. In particular, Hong Sa-gang, even while confined in a detention center and detention center, provided clues to Noh Young-won with a sharp and sharp sense as a mystery novel writer, and greatly contributed to Noh Young-won finding Lee Se-na's assistant, Moon Tae-oh (Jeong Geon-ju).

In relation to this, episode 11, which airs on the 28th (today), shows Kim Hee-sun and Lee Hye-young accelerating their 'special cooperation' by bringing up the 'mother-in-law chemistry' that had stopped for a while to catch Yeon-woo. There is a scene in the play where Noh Young-won and Hong Sa-gang are standing in front of ‘Hong Sa-gang’s Mystery Notebook’, which is filled with events and characters. Noh Yeong-won is surprised by Hong Sa-gang's thorough research, and Hong Sa-gang even wields a baton and pours out her deductions in a confident manner.

Noh Young-won and Hong Sa-gang once again burst into laughter at the end with their bickering 'Tiki Taka chemistry'. Attention is focused on the 'Operation All-Out Offensive' with the last two episodes left to see whether the fantastic cooperation between 'psychological expert' daughter-in-law Noh Young-won and 'mystery master' mother-in-law Hong Sa-gang will shine.

Kim Hee-sun and Lee Hye-young showed off their perfect chemistry while filming the 'AGAIN mother-in-law cooperation' scene, drawing laughter and laughter from the scene. The combination of cheerful Kim Hee-sun's one-shot attack and Lee Hye-young's calm but sly manner of speaking in a high-level way made people burst into laughter. In particular, the two are said to have freely used a variety of ad-libs whenever the scene changed, completing a scene that brought out the taste and style of a 'comic thriller'.

The production team said, “Thanks to Kim Hee-sun and Lee Hye-young, who brilliantly played the unique characters of Noh Young-won and Hong Sa-gang, the quality of ‘Us, Home’ has been raised.” They added, “Kim Hee-sun and Kim Hee-sun, who will double the tension until the end, provide unexpected laughter, and add chewy tension. “Please enjoy Lee Hye-young’s outstanding acting.”

Episode 11 of ‘We, Home’ will be broadcast at 9:50 PM on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google