Karina and Ahn Jun-mo are in love with each other
Karina and Ahn Jun-mo are in love with each other
‘Family is Here’, a wonderful Korean experience story, revealed a taste of a foreign family’s trip to Korea that ‘satisfies all five senses’.

The SBS Plus observational reality show 'Family is Here', which will be aired for the first time at 7:50 pm on Saturday, July 6th, depicts the delightful travel story of 'Family', a foreign in-law who came to see the family who married a Korean.

The MCs were Hwang Je-seong, a 'popular broadcaster' who had both the main and secondary characters, and Park Sun-young, an 'anatainer' with an intellectual charm. And the couple Ahn Jun-mo and Karina, a combination of a theater actor husband and a Russian model wife, Daniel and Lee Hyun-ji, a British couple who became famous as friends of Josh, a 'British man' and live as 'Korean genius Mapo-gu residents', 'Korean Foreigners', 'Welcome' Wow, this is your first time in Korea, right? Three international couples, from MZ to 2049 generation, who are receiving a lot of attention from the 2049 generation, have confirmed their appearance, including Chris Johnson and Noh Seon-mi of 'Kseobang', who were crowned 'foreigners who make Koreans laugh' by appearing on numerous broadcasts such as MZ. The international couples, who are more Koreanized than Koreans, will speak professionally and kindly guide the families who have come across Korea to Korea.

Meanwhile, on the 27th, the 'Family is Here' side revealed a glimpse of the energetic appearance of overseas in-laws enjoying and tasting Korea through a teaser video. From the atmosphere of Seoul, where a dense forest of buildings offers a wonderful night view, to Busan, where the romance and youth of the wide sea is alive, and the lush greenery of Gangwon-do, each city welcomes families with its own unique charm.

Next, they enjoy every corner of Korea, starting with Korea's representative food, galbi mukbang, city bus tours, taking 'four-cut photos', street food, and yacht tours, covering everything from classics to trendy themes. Expectations are high that just watching the ups and downs of this special foreign family's trip to Korea will provide healing.

'Gukbbong' is a unique travel reality show with a story that will even create tension with the in-laws and in-laws. SBS Plus' 'Family is Here' will premiere at 7:50 pm on Saturday, July 6.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google