Jo Gap-kyung, Hong Seo-beom's wife, confessed to having empty nest syndrome.
Jo Gap-kyung, Hong Seo-beom's wife, confessed to having empty nest syndrome.
In Channel A's life-friendly detective true-life drama 'Detectives' Trade Secrets,' the ending of the viewer's first request, 'Find a second-hand dealer fraudster', undertaken by 'Goblin Detectives', was revealed. Cho Gap-kyung, a self-proclaimed 'legendary original beautiful singer', appeared on 'Case Note' and watched the shocking endings of unfilial children who attempted to inherit their inheritance.

In 'Detectives' Trade Secrets', which aired on the 24th, the 'Goblin Detectives', who were asked to tell a story by viewers for the first time, continued to search for a 'second-hand dealer' who is a repeat offender. While investigating PC rooms and gosiwons where fraudsters might go, the 'real' father, whose account had been stolen by the fraudster, came to the fraudster's house. The 'Goblin Detectives' helped stop the account by sharing the news about his son. My father was confused, saying, "I've been to prison (for fraud) before. I was told, 'Don't do bad things and just live your life.'" Detectives used the father's credit card details to determine the son's movements and eventually made contact with the fraudster.

However, while looking for the whereabouts of the conman whose whereabouts were unknown in order to confront him directly, the client received news that "I received a call from the investigator that the conman was caught." The 'Goblin Detectives' met with the client at the police station and heard the bitter afterlife story. The client could not hide his bewilderment, saying, “I confronted the fraudster, and he said, ‘If I talk to you right now, it won’t help.’” He said, "I was angry, but I was also worried. I wonder if he was living on the streets... and I was just desperate...", revealing his complex feelings and regret for the still young conman.
Jo Gap-kyung, Hong Seo-beom's wife, confessed to having empty nest syndrome.
Jo Gap-kyung, Hong Seo-beom's wife, confessed to having empty nest syndrome.
Gap-kyung Cho claims to be a big fan of 'Detectives' Trade Secrets' and participated in 'Case Note - Take Care of Mom,' which reconstructs the true story of detectives. On this day's 'Case Note', a retired woman in her 60s appeared who had amassed 10 billion won in assets through cold noodle sales and supported her two sons and one daughter. However, while on the phone with her daughter who was living abroad, she screamed and disappeared without a trace, shocking everyone. While the MCs came up with numerous hypotheses, the daughter, who requested a detective as soon as she returned to Korea, revealed that she did not trust her brothers, who showed a lukewarm attitude even though their mother was missing. Detectives obtained the black box of a nearby car and captured the mother being forced into an 'ambulance' that day.

It turned out that my older brother had used depression as an excuse to forcibly hospitalize my mother in a psychiatric ward. The mother, who visited briefly at the hospital, did not even recognize her daughter and was in a helpless state. The eldest brother said, “You had a lot going on while you were in America,” and said that my mother had gone through a dangerous crisis several times due to extreme depression. Gap-kyung Cho said, "But you don't believe that..." and expressed his disbelief like a 'Tambi fan.' At the same time, Cho Gap-kyung deeply sympathized with the feelings of the mother who raised all her children, saying, "It's called empty nest syndrome... My two daughters are at home, but they eat at different times. Not to mention my husband... I was a little lonely."

However, as a result of the detectives' interrogation, the mother's helper expressed concern, saying, "The sons, who did not come over except for holidays, came to the house every day. Are they trying to pressure me to quickly give up my belongings?" The helper also revealed that she came to work one day and found her mother lying on the floor along with a contract and a will. The helper expressed his anger, saying, “I told my wife to take a video. My wife is in very good spirits.” After hearing this news, my daughter happened to run into her brothers who were going on a trip as a couple. The daughter was angry and pointed out that all of her assets were in her brothers' name, saying, "They accused my mother of being mentally ill and forcibly hospitalized her because she had nowhere else to go... are you crazy?" But the eldest brother only gave a shameless answer, “That’s what mom wanted.” Defcon also became enraged, saying, “I really want to spit on the monitor...”

The detective, who once again infiltrated the mental hospital where the mother was imprisoned at the request of the client, learned that the mental hospital was forcibly hospitalized without legal procedures through illegal transactions. In the end, thanks to the detectives' evidence, the mother was able to safely return home with her daughter. And the daughter launched a counterattack by calling her older brother and younger brother, who were preparing for re-election as district council members, and showing them the video of that day when their mother's property was forcibly taken. In the video, the eldest brother was strangling the mother and demanding an inheritance, which was shocking. Gap-kyung Cho also couldn't continue his words, saying, "That's crazy. Really..."

Fortunately, it was recognized as a 'gift through coercion' and all assets passed on to the sons were cancelled. In the meantime, Defconn was bewildered by his sons, who were pleading with him, citing his grandchildren, saying, "You're the devil, you're the devil..." Finally, as the threatening video spread, the eldest brother's nomination was canceled, and he was faced with a 'cider ending' in which he was unable to claim the remainder after his death due to his disqualification as an heir.

Defcon started questioning Cho Gap-kyung like a 'dopamine detective', saying, "How would you feel if your children did that?" Cho Gap-kyung said, "I told my children to share their pocket money. Even on their birthdays, I collected money from them and bought them birthday presents," and added, "My husband said, 'Why are you extorting money from the kids?'" he said, expressing his anger. Then, Defconn made people laugh by shouting, "Senior Hong Seo-beom always plays golf, plays baseball, and rides a bicycle! Whatever you do from now on, do as senior Cho Gap-kyung tells you!"

‘Detectives’ Trade Secrets’ airs every Monday at 9:30 pm on Channel A.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter
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