Lee Sang-min had chin surgery
Lee Sang-min had chin surgery
Lee Sang-min boldly attempted plastic surgery, including submental liposuction and thread lifting, to restore his jawline during his time in Leeds.

The SBS entertainment show 'My Little Old Boy', which aired on the 23rd, maintained the top spot in the weekly entertainment program with a viewership rating of 4.2% in 2049 and a viewership rating of 16.6% among households in the metropolitan area. The highest viewer rating per minute rose to a whopping 19.1%.

On this day, actress Oh Yeon-soo appeared as a special MC at the studio for the first time in 7 years. Oh Yeon-soo, the 'master of self-care', introduced the secret to maintaining a consistent appearance, saying, "I apply sunscreen even at home, and I don't turn on the heater even if Son Ji-chang is cold in the winter." Oh Yeon-soo said, “I worked so hard that I had no time to meet other men. “That’s why I said I was ruined for marrying only the man I loved for the first time,” he said. “I do not recommend marriage to my two sons.” “I hope to meet a lot of people and have a variety of relationships,” he said.

The day of Kim Seung-soo of ‘Jun·Jin·Nam’ and Son Ji-chang of ‘Si·Jin·Nam (a man who is sincere about time)’ gave a lot of laughs. At the minute-by-minute schedule and materials prepared by Kim Seung-soo, Son Ji-chang stuck out his tongue and said, "You're sick," but smiled sheepishly when an episode of his past in which he left behind his juniors who were late for an appointment was brought up. Laughter erupted at the tense battle between Kim Seung-soo, who wanted to visit all the prepared spots, and Son Ji-chang, who wanted to finish the hike within the set time to go to a good restaurant. To make matters worse, everyone couldn't hold back their laughter when Son Ji-chang's expression darkened in real time as he was nervous that he would be late for waiting at a restaurant because of Kim Seung-soo, who suddenly went to the bathroom.

Son Ji-chang said, “My wife’s personality is exactly as it appears in ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman.’ “People came to see me and said I got married, but after that drama, they asked me how I was going to live,” he said, confusing Oh Yeon-soo, who was sitting in the studio.
Lee Sang-min had chin surgery
Lee Sang-min had chin surgery
The daily life of comedian Yoon Seong-ho, the ‘Buddhist idol Monk Newjin’, was revealed. Yoon Seong-ho, who is actively active both at home and abroad under the Buddhist name ‘Monk Nujin’, who received formal ordination from the Jogye Order, completed 108 prostrations at the temple where he lives and had tea time with the monks. Regarding the performance of Monk Newjin, who contributed greatly to making 80% of the visitors to the Buddhist fair from those in their 20s and 30s, the monks praised the performance, saying, “When I first saw it, I had a mental breakdown, wondering what this was,” and “I think it will be very good for missionary work.”

In response to a mischievous question as to whether he was sent as a spy by Christianity due to his history of graduating from a theological college, Seongho Yoon responded, “It wasn’t my twin brother, Monk Nujin, it was me… for a moment.” “I only went there for one semester and moved right away,” he explained while sweating, causing laughter.

Next, Seongho Yoon was invited to the main stage of the large-scale EDM Songkran Festival and visited Hong Kong, where he constantly practiced customized lyrics in a mixture of Korean, English, and Chinese. On the day of the performance, Yoon Seong-ho, who went on stage, was embarrassed to see empty audience seats even before the performance, but performed as best as he could and performed his special move, a wooden table performance, and succeeded in attracting many audiences.

Kim Jong-guk, Lee Sang-min, and Lee Dong-gun visited the plastic surgery clinic where Kim Jong-guk's older brother is the director. Jongkook's older brother, who resembles his mother, was revealed for the first time and attracted attention.

Lee Sang-min hoped to correct his thick jaw line, and was very satisfied after seeing the expected after-effects photos of the changes that could be made if the procedure was performed. Kim Jong-kook also admired Lee Sang-min's predicted photo and said, "This is enough to get a new marriage," and this scene rose to a whopping 19.1%, recording the 'best one minute'. Then, when the expected photo of Jong-kook with idol-style eye surgery was revealed, Kim Jong-kook said, “It’s ugly. Are you an alien? “Small eyes suit me,” he said, causing laughter.

Contrary to Seo Jang-hoon's question, "Why does Lee Dong-gun go to plastic surgery?" Lee Dong-gun confessed his concerns, saying, "I have been concerned about fat under the eyes and dark circles since I was young." Lee Dong-geon was intrigued by the doctor's advice that he should do fat relocation and fat grafting, saying, "I'm the type of person who loses facial fat as I get older," but it was Lee Sang-min who actually performed the procedure. The MCs and Movengers of the studio, who saw Lee Sang-min with a swollen face with a bandage wrapped around his face, couldn't stop laughing and said, "He's cute" and "He looks a little pitiful."

At the end of the day's broadcast, it was predicted that Lim Won-hee, Lee Sang-min, and Kim Jong-guk, who visited Seonwoo Yong-yeo's house, would compete against each other, attracting a lot of attention.

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