Kim Yong-gun saw his late-born baby, his grandchild became a fool
Kim Yong-gun saw his late-born baby, his grandchild became a fool
In episode 89 of tvN STORY's 'Chairman's People', which airs on the 24th, Eung-sam, who misses his entire family, visits Cheorwon, the hometown of the late Park Yun-bae, and reminisces about his memories with him.

The entire family, from Kim Yong-geon to Kim Soo-mi, Lee Gye-in, Kim Hye-jeong, Lim Ho, and Jo Hana, gathers in Cheorwon. While looking at the spectacular watercolor-like scenery of Goseok Rock and enjoying the outing, Kim Yong-geon thinks of Park Yun-bae, saying, “Isn’t this Eung-sam’s hometown?” A special guest awaits Lee Gye-in at Jiktang Falls, one of the nine scenic spots in Cheorwon, called the Niagara of Korea, located upstream of the Hantangang River. Lee Gye-in, who went out to meet the guest at the special request, calls the guest with a trembling heart, and the one who turns around is none other than Lee Sook, who plays the role of Ssangbong-daek, Eung-sam's wife, a scene-stealer with a crazy presence. Lee Gye-in, who plays the role of Norma's father Gwi-dong, who was so excited that he could not sleep, screams at the appearance of Lee Sook, his former lover and current nemesis Ssangbong's wife. The two, who formed an original love line at the beginning of the airing of 'The Chairman's People' with amazing chemistry, reunited after a year, and soon continued talking with their bickering best friend chemistry.

Lee Sook and the entire family share the latest news after reuniting after a long time. From Lee Sook, who is busy with the Ssangbong House's heyday, including dramas, plays, and singer events, to Bok-gil's mother Kim Hye-jeong, who returns to drama after 7 years, and Kim Soo-mi, who successfully completed the musical 'My Mother's Mom', all of them are celebrating their happy birthday. The Chairman's current situation is reported. In particular, generous congratulations are pouring in to Kim Yong-geon, who recently became a grandfather with the second son of Kim Young-hoon and Hwang Bo-ra.

Kim Yong-geon boasts about his grandchild, saying, “She’s pretty,” and “She looks like an angel,” while showing the photo with a big smile. Kim Hye-jeong, who saw the photo, said that grandchildren usually resemble each other across generations and asked, “You are a senior (Kim Yong-gun)? “It’s the same, it’s perfect,” Kim Soo-mi said, and Kim Soo-mi also said in amazement, “Oppa, your lips are big.” Kim Yong-geon, the foolish grandchild, shows joy and satisfaction that he can’t hide.

Park Yun-bae's son, Park Ji-man, and daughter, Park Hye-mi, who were waiting for the entire family visiting Cheorwon, exchanged warm greetings with the entire family along with the deceased's best friend. Eungsam, who always went out of his way to make people laugh when it came to matters related to his hometown, met Park Yun-bae. I reminisce. In addition, the miraculous meeting with Eungsam using digital human techniques, which was aired in episode 15 and garnered much attention, continues.

The entire family and Park Yun-bae's biological children are reunited, just like the stylish gentleman the deceased was when he was alive. A letter to his son that was left unfinished in the previous broadcast will be revealed for the first time. The touching message that made the entire family and son cry can be seen on the broadcast.

Park Yun-bae passed away in 2020 at the age of 73. Episode 89 of 'The Chairman's People' in Cheorwon, the hometown of Eungsam, a rural bachelor from the eternal 'Country Diary', will be revealed on 'The Chairman's People', which airs at 8:20 pm on the same day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google