Kim Hee-seon's son ended up jumping from the rooftop.
Kim Hee-seon's son ended up jumping from the rooftop.
Actress Kim Hee-sun was shocked to find her son Jae-chan covered in blood after falling onto a car.

MBC's Friday-Saturday drama 'We, Home' (planned by Kwon Seong-chang / directed by Lee Dong-hyun and Wi Deuk-gyu / written by Nam Ji-yeon / produced by Red9 Pictures) follows Noh Young-won, a self-proclaimed best family psychologist in Korea, whose career and family are threatened by an unknown blackmailer. It is a life-style comic thriller that tells the story of a woman trying to protect her family by collaborating with her mother-in-law, a mystery novel writer.

In the last broadcast, Noh Young-won (Kim Hee-sun) was shown feeling excited after hearing from his son Choi Do-hyeon's (Jae-chan) girlfriend So-i (Han Seong-min) that she was pregnant with Choi Do-hyun's child and that they would study abroad together and have a baby. However, after much deliberation, Noh Young-won showed her maternal love and comforted Choi Do-hyun by saying, “Mom, I will support Do-hyun’s decision,” creating a heartwarming experience.

In relation to this, in the 9th episode, which will be broadcast on the 21st (today), a tragic scene is captured in which Kim Hee-sun witnesses with her own eyes the scene where her son Jae-chan fell to a miserable state, heightening the tension. In the play, while Noh Young-won is frantically running around looking for Choi Do-hyun, who disappeared from school, Choi Do-hyun falls onto a car right in front of his eyes.

Noh Young-won collapses, screaming at the shocking sight, and then looks at Choi Do-hyeon covered in blood with empty eyes as if his soul has gone out. As Noh Young-won is shown unable to even shed tears due to fear, fear, shock, and astonishment, it is drawing keen attention to see if what Noh Young-won was so worried about has actually happened and what kind of twist will unfold.

On the other hand, Kim Hee-sun and Jae-chan showed their fighting spirit in the scene of 'witnessing a terrible fall' and moved the scene with their passionate acting that poured out their whole body. On this day's filming, a variety of equipment, including multiple cameras and special effects devices, were mobilized to express the scene more effectively, and the actors and staff, including Kim Hee-sun and Jae-chan, completed thorough preparations while maintaining tension.

In particular, Kim Hee-sun and Jae-chan, who thoroughly checked every detail from rehearsal to the smallest detail, drew emotional immersion with all their heart and completed a famous scene in which fear, astonishment, and shock vividly came to life.

The production team said, “Kim Hee-sun and Jae-chan, who show a affectionate and heart-warming relationship between mother and son, will face the harshest ordeal.” They added, “What kind of twist awaits Kim Hee-sun, who supported Jae-chan and showed her heartbreaking maternal love, in the episode aired on the 21st (today). “Please watch the shocking narrative that will explode like dominoes in succession in the 9th episode.”

Meanwhile, episode 9 of MBC's Friday-Saturday drama 'We, Home' will be aired at 9:50 pm on the 21st (today).

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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