Uhm Tae-gu confessed to Han Sun-hwa
Uhm Tae-gu confessed to Han Sun-hwa
Uhm Tae-gu became the comfort to Han Seon-hwa, who was in despair.

In the 3rd episode of the JTBC Wednesday-Thursday drama 'My Sweet Mobster', which aired on the 19th, Seo Ji-hwan (played by Eom Tae-gu), who was single from birth, felt excitement and awakened for the first time in 36 years, and made viewers' hearts flutter with his moonlit night subscription confession to Go Eun-ha (played by Han Seon-hwa). .

When Go Eun-ha was criticized by people for food poisoning caused by organic milk, Seo Ji-hwan offered a helping hand to help her get out of the situation. Seo Ji-hwan wanted to comfort Go Eun-ha, who was blaming herself for making the children sick, but contrary to her feelings, Seo Ji-hwan, who only said all kinds of strange things, was overcome with a sense of self-destruction after sending Go Eun-ha away. At the same time, in order to ease Go Eun-ha's burden, he secretly offered himself as a support group by helping treat sick children and supporting lawsuits, creating a heartwarming feeling.

However, Go Eun-ha, who was unaware of Seo Ji-hwan's help, decided to delete all videos on the 'Play with Mini' channel and reflect on herself. She started out with the goal of making children happy like Hyunwoo, who was the only one who played with her when she was young, but she realized that she needed to be very careful when dealing with children. As such, the thank you message from the sick child's mother resonated deeply in Go Eun-ha's heart.
Uhm Tae-gu confessed to Han Sun-hwa
Uhm Tae-gu confessed to Han Sun-hwa
Seo Ji-hwan, who did not know that Go Eun-ha closed the channel and went into self-reflection, was deeply heartbroken when all the videos suddenly disappeared. Seo Ji-hwan went to meet Go Eun-ha using his coat as an excuse, but Seo Ji-hwan was unable to hide his embarrassment as Go Eun-ha's fellow creator Kang Ye-na (Song Seo-rin) misunderstood him.

Accordingly, Seo Ji-hwan followed Go Eun-ha, who was trying to spend some time alone, to a food stall, and while clinking glasses together, they slowly revealed their stories. Seo Ji-hwan, who suddenly got drunk from drinking soju and returned to his original state, dragged Go Eun-ha around the playground and had a happy time as if he were a child again.

Seeing Seo Ji-hwan smiling brightly with his cheeks stained red, Go Eun-ha also began to gradually become immersed in the game. Seo Ji-hwan, who became infinitely honest due to his drunkenness, made people's hearts pound by expressing his feelings without hesitation, such as pushing the swing that Go Eun-ha was riding on and praising her for doing a good job.

Seo Ji-hwan's gentle hand suddenly reminded Go Eun-ha of memories of Hyeon-woo, the older brother she played with as a child, and she let go of her worries and smiled brightly. The two people, who had been so excited that they were exhausted, lay down in the middle of the playground and enjoyed the peace, saying, “We had a good time.”

Seo Ji-hwan, who was lightening the mood by imitating Go Eun-ha's words as instructed by Joo Il-young (played by Kim Hyun-jin), hinted that he was subscribing to Go Eun-ha's channel and asked her to continue broadcasting. Go Eun-ha regretfully refused, saying that she couldn't do it because she was in self-reflection, but Seo Ji-hwan did not give in and made the audience's hearts flutter by confessing, "I... miss you."

Seo Ji-hwan's heartfelt words, which came at an unexpected moment, made Go Eun-ha freeze, and in the playground where spring flowers were fluttering, a strange air current swirled between the two. Seo Ji-hwan's warm eyes looking at Go Eun-ha adds to the sweetness, and one wonders whether Seo Ji-hwan, who has shown romantic potential for the first time in his 36-year life, will be able to continue his relationship with Go Eun-ha.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google