Shinhwa Lee Min-woo storms out during recording
Shinhwa Lee Min-woo storms out during recording
Shinhwa Lee Min-woo suddenly leaves the studio during recording.

The Channel S entertainment show 'Dashigaljido', which will be broadcast on the 20th, is a special feature of 'local people's soul food', with Kim Shin-young presenting 'Japanese Michelin Guide Nagoya' with travel creator Erai Youth, and Lee Seok-hoon presenting 'Comprehensive collection of Turkiye food' with oil beer. 'Istanbul' and 'Big Star Teacher' Choi Tae-seong and Captain Tagger will compete in a package travel battle under the theme of 'Shanghai, the taste of mainland China.' My travel friend is Shinhwa Lee Min-woo.

During the recording on this day, Lee Min-woo got up from his seat and said, "I will come back," and upset the MC team. While on a soul food trip to Nagoya, Japan, he got caught up in the shiny beef and committed an unexpected act. Lee Min-woo continued to say things like "It looks delicious" and "It's going to be crazy", and eventually he pretended to eat by waving his chopsticks in the air, opening a new era in virtual mukbang. In response, Lee Seok-hoon encouraged them to travel to Japan by saying, "I'll take care of the accommodations," and Kim Shin-young appealed, "It was my own restaurant, but I'll go back," making everyone around them laugh.

Meanwhile, the chick-shaped dessert ‘piyorin’, a specialty of Nagoya, Japan, is introduced and attracts attention. In response to the appearance of soul food with cute visuals, Lee Min-woo said, "I eat desserts like that face first," and shared 'my own way of eating Piyo Ring.' Kim Shin-young added, "I eat from the beak first," and Lee Seok-hoon added, "I scrape the stomach and eat from the inside," making the three people laugh as they clearly reveal their tastes.

When Kim Shin-young saw the color 'orange' appearing continuously from Nagoya's accommodation to the yolk on the raw meat, she made an unreasonable appeal to Lee Min-woo, saying, "Orange is the creation of a myth," making the surrounding people burst into laughter. While Kim Shin-young's extraordinary efforts to become number one in package tours stand out, expectations are rising to see what kind of Nagoya soul food Kim Shin-young has recognized.

Episode 114 of ‘Maybe I’ll Go Again’ will be aired at 9:20 PM on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google