Park Na-rae, what does she do if she works out hard?
Park Na-rae, what does she do if she works out hard?
Season 3 of ‘Let’s Be Comfortable’ ended with favorable reviews.

In the final episode of season 3 (hereinafter referred to as 'Let's Be Comfortable 3'), LG U+Mobile TV's original entertainment show 'Trust and Say - Let's Be Comfortable', which was released on the 19th, Lee Hyeon-i, the 'empathy fairy' of the model world, 'God of Management' Han Hye-jin, and 'God of Management' Hyeon-i Lee, Barf Goddess' Park Na-rae, 'Yo-Yo Senior' satire, and 'Tagol Master' Uhm Ji-yoon had a heated talk on the topic of diet, which is an eternal problem.

On this day's broadcast, the story of being selected as first place in Youth, a brand for people in their 20s by LG U+, was introduced, and the concern of 'Already the fourth Dormammu, please stop the fifth Dormammu', of losing the battle against diet every time and gaining more weight. .

After hearing the story, Sae-Rae felt sad as if it were his own and conveyed his fear of Yo-Yo, which came from his experience, saying, “If you go on a diet, you will become fatter.” Park Na-rae, who succeeded in dieting with difficulty, suddenly darkened in fear of Yo-Yo coming. He then expressed his difficulties, saying, “I lost 200g of weight by working out hard, but when I go to a mukbang, I gain 3kg.”

When Uhm Ji-yoon offered encouragement and comfort by saying, “Your lat muscles are great,” Park Na-rae said, “Exercise doesn’t make your body pretty. He said, “I can be like Ma Dong-seok,” and made the recording scene burst into laughter by mentioning his recent nickname, ‘Gwangbae-hyung.’

Meanwhile, when the storyteller said that people around her kept encouraging her to eat while on a diet, Han Hye-jin responded that she couldn't do that, saying, "You started a diet and you're meeting people?" and "You're going to a place to eat?"

Han Hye-jin, the 'god of management' who only goes to home, gym and filming location during the diet period, confidently said, "If you put it on me, I can lose 10 kg in two weeks," and revealed the diet know-how and meal routine of a top model who has no choice but to lose weight.

'Let's Be My Side 3', which attracted attention from the first release due to the crazy combination of the four MCs of Han Hye-jin, Park Na-rae, Satire, and Uhm Ji-yoon, has been ranked first in the U+ Mobile TV entertainment program category from the first week of airing this season, following the first and second seasons. It recorded the highest number of views and subscribers throughout the entire season, proving its unquenchable popularity.

The production team said, “Currently, the number of views and new subscribers for ‘Let’s Play 3’ continues to increase. “We are updating each week and each episode,” he said, adding, “MCs are also burning their enthusiasm for the next season,” raising expectations for the upcoming season 4.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google