Oh Eun-young says, “Get a divorce.”
Oh Eun-young says, “Get a divorce.”
MBC's 'Oh Eun-young Report - Marriage Hell', which airs today (17th), features a 'trust couple' - a wife who cannot trust her husband, who has no financial sense, and a husband who keeps asking for forgiveness from his wife in an attempt to restore the broken trust between them.

The couple said that the trust between them was broken due to 'economic problems' that kept recurring during the 19 years of marriage, from the beginning of their marriage to the present. The wife laments, “I want to give up everything and live alone,” and says, “I thought if I fought with my husband, I would either die or break up completely,” and the MCs couldn’t hide their surprise at her stubborn appearance.

The wife said that as soon as the MCs asked her why she requested a story, her hands were shaking and she shed tears. She complains, saying, “(My husband) fights over the same things over and over again and goes back on his words,” and then confesses, “My trust has been broken in some cases, and I can’t believe what my husband says even when I tell him.” After listening to the two people's story, Dr. Oh Eun-young made the most decisive remark ever and even proposed a divorce solution in a healing report, saying, "If the same pattern repeats, get a divorce," which arouses viewers' curiosity even more.

My wife took the subway to her part-time cleaning job. They say that they usually do all kinds of part-time jobs, including being an elementary school traffic safety assistant, sitter, cleaning a home, serving at a second-hand market, and even running errands. The thrifty way of accumulating cash through a mobile phone app even while on the move automatically arouses admiration. However, the wife sat on a chair in the subway station and filled her meals with bread and snacks, and expressed regret by saying, “The most expensive food I ate while working was 3,500 won kimbap.” The wife, who once walked from the entrance to Konkuk University to Gangnam-gu Office to save money on transportation, said, “I have to save even a penny to be able to buy snacks for my children,” making it even more pitiful.

My husband, who has been self-employed in clothing for 17 years, drives to work at his clothing store nearby. MC Park Ji-min said, “It’s a distance you can walk,” as he looked quite different from his wife, who worked various part-time jobs via the subway. Next, the MCs could not hide their embarrassment, saying, “The wife lives a precious life, but the husband’s car was a foreign car.” When asked, “Couldn’t you have bought another car?” my husband said, “I bought the car at a discount at that time. “It was the fastest car released within a week,” he counters, and says the reason he drives a short distance is because he needs a car for work.

The husband appears to be working hard, taking pictures of clothes and leaving promotional messages for customers for an hour, but he soon confesses the situation of the store, saying, “The clothing business is very cyclical, and it is difficult these days because the Internet and home shopping are strong.”

A husband who came to pick up his wife who worked late into the night. In the car on the way home, the husband says he missed her and speaks with affection, but all he gets in return is a sigh from his wife. And the husband suddenly apologizes to his wife. The wife still doesn't even look at him and treats him coldly, and the uncomfortable atmosphere continues, making him wonder why the husband is apologizing.

The reason is immediately apparent in the wife’s words, “What are you going to do with my credit card payment?” The husband is using his wife's credit card, and the card bill is currently exceeding 5 million won per month. He even said that the value of the card he had to give to his wife was 70 million won, shocking all the MCs. The husband's clothing business was covered by a loan in his wife's name, which led to an economic crisis. The wife shocked people by saying that she had never received any living expenses in the 19 years of marriage and that she had bad credit due to credit card debt.

Dr. Oh Eun-young, who watched the couple, said, “Money is not everything for a couple, but it is a very important part of maintaining a life,” and sharply pointed out, “There is a problem with the husband’s financial ideas.” Rumor has it that he blew it.

It is not just 'economic issues' that cause a wife to lose trust in her husband. The wife says that she sheds tears when she remembers the 'January 1 incident' with her husband, and that she is currently leaving the house because she is scared of her husband. The wife explains, “On January 1st, I was unable to answer my husband’s 10 phone calls because I was attending a prayer service, and when I went home, my husband raised his voice and told me to leave, and the fight started.” As the wife talks about what happened next, she appears extremely anxious, shaking her hands and shedding tears.

Dr. Oh Eun-young, who heard the story, emphasized, “It has been a long time since the wife gave up her financial trust in her husband, and now she has even given up her human trust,” and added, “Even if you ask 100 psychiatrists and 100 divorce lawyers, this case is “It’s something that everyone is telling me to divorce,” he said, raising viewers’ curiosity about what happened to the two on January 1st.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google