Kian 84 exploded again
Kian 84 exploded again
Kian84 enjoyed his favorite restaurants and rides at his favorite amusement park, full of memories, and showed off the innocence of 'Gwacheon Prince'. NCT's Doyoung enjoyed a fairytale-like moment after encountering his older brother Gong Myung and the firefly he had longed for.

In MBC's entertainment show 'I Live Alone', which aired on the 14th, Kian84 was shown enjoying his innocence at 'The Best Restaurant in Gwacheon' and brothers Doyoung and Gongmyeong were part of the 'Firefly Expedition'. The household viewership rating for 'I Live Alone', which aired on this day, was 7.3% in the metropolitan area, ranking first in its time slot and first among Friday entertainment shows. The 2049 viewership rating, which is a key indicator for advertising officials and a key measure of channel competitiveness, also recorded 3.4% (based on the metropolitan area), ranking first among Friday entertainment programs as well as first place in the same time slot.

The best minute was the scene where Gwacheon Prince Gian84, who set out to conquer his favorite amusement park, attempted to ride a free-falling ride from 50 meters in the air. The viewer rating per minute soared to 8.6% due to his extremely nervous appearance.

Kian84, who had served Big Bang as his ‘favorite muse’ for a long time, confessed on this day that he had ‘fallen in love’ with New Genes. The image of Kian84, an 'uncle fan' who was worried about the physical condition of New Genes members while working out while watching New Genes' 'fancams', made people laugh.

Following the scenes of Kian84 doing CrossFit exercises on the rooftop, putting on makeup while preparing to go out, and riding a motorcycle, the Rainbow members laughed as they suspected that he was imitating 'laughter cheat' Seong-hwan Seong. To Kian84, who denied it, Jeon Hyun-moo said, “I’m only following things that are similar to myself. He also advised, “Don’t lose yourself.”

The place Kian84 headed to in his 5th year of living in Gwacheon was an amusement park with his best restaurant. Regarding the restaurant he reached by using the elephant train, Kian84 said, “I go there when I have a company dinner with my employees or when I entertain people. You have to be prepared to be extravagant. “It’s a private space,” he said. Regarding the high-quality soup that costs a whopping 40,000 won, including the amusement park entrance fee, train ticket, and food cost, Kian84 said, “There is no atmosphere like this anywhere in Seoul. “If you get the timing right at night, you can set off fireworks,” he boasted, and downed a bowl of soup in no time.

Kian84 set out to conquer the amusement park, enjoying his favorite rides such as whitewater rafting and archery, and was delighted to receive a caricature of himself. Lastly, Kian84, who once again visited his favorite restaurant, enjoyed dinner and the 'world of dreams and adventure' presented by the amusement park.
Kian 84 exploded again
Kian 84 exploded again
NCT Doyoung's daily life continued after he returned after 2 months. Doyoung's self-care, which is sincere about his health, including everything from dried bean sprout water to dried snail powder to wild ginseng roots sent by his aunt, brought a smile to his face. The cute sight of Doyoung stopping in front of the local market and his favorite tteokbokki restaurant that became famous after the last broadcast and smiling embarrassedly made people laugh.

Doyoung made ham rice balls and fried eggplant and packed a lunch box with market-style pig's feet and snacks. He said he became interested in fireflies while working on his new song 'Firefly' and wanted to see fireflies in real life, and his older brother, actor Gongmyeong, accompanied him. Doyoung and Gongmyeong visited Gudun Station, a famous spot for fireflies.

While waiting for the fireflies, the two turned on the lights and enjoyed a romantic lunch box time. The two people were worried that they might not see fireflies while looking at the stars that filled the sky. However, like in a movie, fireflies began to appear in front of them. The moment when the fireflies circled around Doyoung as if welcoming him was like watching an animation. Doyoung is happy and his older brother Gongmyeong works harder to find fireflies. The innocent smiles of the two brothers made even the viewers happy.

Next week, the daily life of Seong-hwan Seong-hwan, the topic of discussion who brought laughter and happiness, and the appearance of Jang-woo Lee meeting his military successors are announced.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google