Ahn Young-mi was anxious about her career being cut short after taking parental leave.
Ahn Young-mi was anxious about her career being cut short after taking parental leave.
Ahn Young-mi, mother of '11-month-old son Takkong', will be the new MC for KBS2's 'The Return of Superman'.

The 530th episode of 'Shoodol', which will be aired on the 16th, will feature the 'You are my shining gold medal' episode. To celebrate the 11th anniversary of 'Shoodol', actor Choi Ji-woo and comedian Ahn Young-mi joined as MCs. Among them, Ahn Young-mi, the mother of her son 'Takkongi', gave an outspoken parenting talk, mentioning the changes that have changed since raising children, saying, "I was a small eater, but while raising a child, I became a big eater to the extent that eating two bowls of rice became the basics."

Ahn Young-mi, the mother of 'Dakkongi', naturally forms a consensus on parenting with Kim Jun-ho, the father of Eun-woo and Jung-woo, and their two sons. Ahn Young-mi bursts into laughter when Kim Jun-ho's second son, Jeong-woo, puts a piece of rice in his mouth after finishing his meal. Ahn Young-mi nods at the behavior of the two children, who look alike like bungeoppang, saying, “When our Takkong has finished eating, he does ‘after-meal food’ just like Jeong-woo.”

When Ahn Young-mi saw Kim Jun-ho throwing a surprise party for his wife who was returning to work after four years, she said, “It’s such a good idea. “I am happy,” she said happily, representing the feelings of a ‘working mother’. Ahn Young-mi, who said, “I have also been running forward for 20 years,” also revealed her honest feelings about taking a career break, saying, “The first one or two months after childcare leave were good, but later I became impatient.”

Ahn Young-mi plays an active role as a 'birth evangelist' by suggesting a second child to Choi Ji-woo, the mother of a 4-year-old daughter, saying to Choi Ji-woo, "Sister, how about a son?" It raises questions about how Choi Ji-woo would react. In this way, Ahn Young-mi is said to have had an unhesitating parenting talk with Choi Ji-woo as well as a cheerful and witty conversation with Superman.

'Shoodol' will be broadcast at 9:15 pm on the 16th.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google