Jeon Hyun-moo, dating Heungseon Daewongun
Jeon Hyun-moo, dating Heungseon Daewongun
Broadcaster Jeon Hyun-moo expressed his thoughts on cohabitation before marriage.

In the 3rd episode of SBS Plus' 'Real Love Lab Poisoned Apple', which aired on the 11th, the scene where a 'Korean-Japanese international couple' who has been dating for a year for the first time took on the 'Poisoned Apple Challenge' was revealed. Also, 'Poison Apple Lab: Who Would You?' In the corner, various experimental cameras were conducted on the theme of 'cohabitation before marriage', leading to exciting discussions about love.

In the first corner, ‘Poison Apple Challenge’, a dancer client who ‘looks like Suzy’ appeared. The client said, “My boyfriend is an influencer, and as he has become famous, I am receiving a lot of calls from female influencers. “They say it’s business, but I was a little jealous,” he said, revealing the story of why he reported on the ‘Poison Apple Challenge’. The client's boyfriend, the protagonist of the 'Poison Apple Challenge', boasted a handsome visual that resembled actor Seo Kang-joon. In response, 5 MCs Jeon Hyun-moo, Yang Se-chan, Lee Eun-ji, Chuu, and Seong Ji-in also sympathized with the client, saying, “It’s worth worrying about.” Immediately after, Kim Woo-hyun, an influencer with 'bangs and long hair' who is the main character's ideal type, appeared as the love slanderer 'Apple Girl' and drew everyone's attention.

First of all, the main character naturally met the ‘Apple girl’ through the arrangement of an acquaintance who said, “I will introduce you to a Korean friend.” The ‘Apple Girl’ appealed that she was a fan of the main character and invited him to the party room, saying, “Please come to the next influencer party.” A few days later, at a party hosted by 'Apple Girl', the protagonist received a skinship attack(?) from 'Apple Girl', but handled it resolutely, and also politely expressed her gratitude for the kindness of 'Apple Girl' who gifted her portrait. The 'Apple Girl', who became impatient, offered the 'final poisoned apple', saying, "Just a little more," but the protagonist refused, saying, "I think my girlfriend will be sad if we stay together." After the experimental camera ended, the client was satisfied with her boyfriend's impeccable response, and the two appeared in the studio and boasted of their even stronger relationship.

In the second corner, ‘Poison Apple Laboratory: What if it were you?’, exciting camera experiments continued. The theme of the day was ‘Living with someone you love.’ 'Should I tell my parents that I am living with my lover?', which was conducted in advance. In the survey, Chuu explained, “‘Don’t tell’ ranked first,” and then added, “My parents also agreed to cohabitation with marriage as a prerequisite, saying, ‘If you want to find out about your partner’s bad habits, you have to live with them at all costs.’” It surprised everyone. On the other hand, Jeon Hyun-moo said, “I’m going to live forever anyway, right? You can understand another person's true nature just by traveling together. He expressed his belief, saying, “I don’t think there is a need to live together.”

Immediately after, an experimental camera was released with the following conditions: ‘What if your mother finds out that you are living together?’ and ‘What if your girlfriend, who found a studio apartment, suggests that you live together?’ First, two female college students in their 20s each started experimenting with cameras, and the mother of the two female college students was embarrassed when she discovered shoes and men's underwear belonging to a stranger in her independent daughter's home. Finally, I was shocked by the appearance of my fake boyfriend who entered after entering the password. One of the mothers, who soon found out that it was an experimental camera, confessed in an interview with the production crew, “If you like (your boyfriend) enough to live together, there is nothing you can do, but I felt betrayed that I hid (the fact that I was living with my boyfriend).” . On the other hand, another mother took a strong stance, saying, “We can never allow cohabitation without parents’ knowledge.”

In addition, an experimental camera was also released for the 'cohabitation proposal' of a couple who has been in a relationship for two years and is planning to get married. The boyfriend responded “I like it” to the girlfriend’s proposal to live together, and the girlfriend later explained various rules of cohabitation. The boyfriend readily agreed to many conditions and even talked to his girlfriend's father on the phone, giving her a sense of trust. My girlfriend was happy about this.

On the other hand, when the topic of 'cohabitation rules' came up in the experimental camera, Lee Eun-ji said, "I don't like people who go into their own caves," and 5 MCs strongly agreed. Immediately after, Lee Eun-ji also revealed an episode with her mother while living alone, and made everyone burst into laughter by saying, "My mother misunderstood when she found the self-teeth whitening syringe at our house and I started to think about it."

‘The ultimate real love entertainment show’, SBS Plus ‘Real Experimental Camera Poisonous Apple’ is broadcast every Tuesday at 10:10 pm and is released simultaneously and exclusively on Coupang Play.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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