Sweet Home Season 3 confirmed to be released on July 19th
Sweet Home Season 3 confirmed to be released on July 19th
Netflix's <Sweet Home> Season 3 has confirmed its release on July 19th and released the launch poster.

Following season 1, which announced the birth of K-creature to the world as the first Korean series to enter Netflix's US TOP 10, and season 2, which attracted attention for its expanded world view and deeper message, <Sweet Home> Season 3 will be released on July 19th. It was confirmed and the launching poster was released. <Sweet Home> Season 3 is a Netflix series that depicts a world that has finally reached the end of monsterization and the beginning of new humanity, and the more desperate and desperate struggle of those who are faced with a choice between the ambiguous border between monsters and humans.

The launching poster attracts attention with 'Hyeonsu' (Song Kang) walking into the middle of a devastated city center and the still-unfinished monsterization crisis. The sight of 'Hyunsu' spreading the wings of a monster raises curiosity about whether he, who was encroached upon by a monster in the last episode of Season 2, will be able to regain his human self. Several cocoons sprouting from the ceiling and the mysterious identity shining within them suggest the coming of a new era of humanity, and combined with the copy “The end of all evolution,” raises curiosity about the new narrative that will begin in Season 3. Raise it. In particular, as the ending of season 2 ended with meaningful laughter between ‘Nam Sang-won’, who appeared in the outer shell of ‘Pyeon Sang-wook’ (Lee Jin-wook) in front of ‘Dr. Expectations are high that it will unravel the clues to the growing curiosity. In addition, 'Lee Kyung' (Lee Si-young), who showed complex maternal love mixed with love and fear for the 'child' (Kim Sia), who was born as a monster, 'Eun-yu' (Go Min-si), who grew from an immature and picky student into a strong warrior, and who often acted alone. Private 'Chan-young' (Jinyoung), who follows 'Eunyu' and becomes closer to him, and Sergeant 'Tak In-hwan' (Yoo Oh-seong) and 'Kim Young-hoo' (Kim Mu-yeol) of the Crow Unit, who had the same purpose but different methods, are involved in the narrative that will be told in Season 3. Curiosity about it also increases. Moreover, what kind of ending 'Hyeonsu', 'Eunhyuk', 'Lee Kyung', and 'Pyeon Sangwook', who have led the series since Season 1, will meet at the end of the series is also attracting attention as a point that viewers are looking forward to. .

Following Season 1, which announced the beginning of K-creatures with monsters born out of desire, and Season 2, which expanded the worldview by highlighting humans living in a prolonged monster-turning situation, <Sweet Home> will mark the finale of the epic with the birth of a new human race. > Season 3 will be released only on Netflix on Friday, July 19th.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google