Wife admits to having an affair, caught on text and CCTV, but feels “unfair”
Wife admits to having an affair, caught on text and CCTV, but feels “unfair”
MBC's 'Oh Eun-young Report - Marriage Hell', which aired on the 3rd, featured a wife who says things she doesn't like when she gets angry, a husband who spits out harsh words when he gets angry, and a 'hedgehog couple' who only hurts each other with their angry words. The two, who are known around as a good couple, impressed everyone by saying that they are currently raising five children. However, the couple had an inside story that others did not know about. The wife was surprised by saying that it took her a year just to persuade her husband after submitting his request for a story.

The husband came to me with concerns, saying, “I don’t have any problems with the kids, but with my wife, we often hurt each other with just a word,” and the wife also said, “We fight six days a week, and the way we tell people to make us feel bad when they say things we don’t mean is bad.” “We will talk about it,” he said, referring to the problem of conversation methods. Accordingly, Dr. Oh Eun-young began full-scale counseling by pointing out, “It is a very big problem if the couple does not want to talk to each other.”

As I was raising five children, the amount of housework was enormous. My wife said that even two dryers and three refrigerators are not enough, and all 20 kg of rice is consumed within eight days. I was surprised to hear that they even use commercial-grade jumbo rolls for toilet paper. However, the wife expressed regret by saying that she had often heard, “People who don’t have money only end up having a lot of children,” and the husband said, “The most difficult thing is having to live with financial circumstances, such as wanting to do a lot for the children but not being able to do so.” . Meanwhile, the MCs were delighted to see the husband coming home from work and doing various household chores, such as laundry, dishwashing, and recycling, saying, "It's so perfect." MC Moon Se-yoon was especially impressed by the sight of him kissing his daughter, saying, "I'm jealous." .

Although they appeared to be harmonious by helping each other with household chores and getting along well with their children, their conflict soon emerged through alcohol. My wife said that after doing her best to raise five children for 15 years, she now wants to drink and have fun. In response, the husband said, “I understand drinking, but I have children, so I have to be home by 12 o’clock,” but he complained that when his wife goes out to drink, she turns off her cell phone and comes home at 2 or 3 a.m.

On the other hand, the wife said, "Am I Cinderella?" and wanted to play more, but her husband called. She explained the reason for hanging up, saying, "My husband swears when he gets angry, and I don't want to hurt others." In fact, in a daily video, a wife was caught paying for drinks and karaoke and wanted to have more fun, and a husband getting angry while waiting for his wife at home and making a phone call. MC So Yoo-jin sympathized with this, saying, “I wondered if I would be able to enjoy some freedom now that I had five children, but I think my husband’s words must have been disappointing,” and MC Moon Se-yoon expressed regret, saying, “If we found a compromise, there wouldn’t be any fights at all.”
Wife admits to having an affair, caught on text and CCTV, but feels “unfair”
Wife admits to having an affair, caught on text and CCTV, but feels “unfair”
The husband refuted this by saying, “In the past, my wife, who had gone out to drink, went to a karaoke bar and didn’t answer the phone, so I went to see her in person, and the karaoke sign was off.” He continued, “I went looking for him because he didn’t answer even after calling dozens of times, and it turned out that my wife was hanging out at a nightclub and couldn’t hold back her anger.” However, my wife explained, “When I think of nightclubs, I think about making reservations and meeting people, but I just go because I don’t have any random thoughts and the atmosphere is nice.”

In response, the husband criticized the husband for 'going without telling', and the wife said, 'If I had said I would go, I would not have allowed me to go,' leading to a sharp difference of opinion between the two. The wife also added, “There were no spaces in the nightclub parking lot, so I parked at the motel in front, and my husband misunderstood when he saw the car and was angry.” The MCs who heard the whole story sympathized with the husband's position, saying, "It's enough to be misunderstood and it's worth getting angry about." Dr. Oh Eun-young said, “It would have been more worry than imagination (about misunderstandings). “And as soon as the worry turned into anger, he got angry,” he said on behalf of the husband, and also pointed out the wife’s position, saying, “But my wife must have felt embarrassed in that situation.”

Another conflict between the two was ‘an angry conversation.’ The two people who attended the couple's gathering seemed to be getting along well, praising and caring for each other to others as if they had never been in a fight. As the mood grew, my wife said, “I know that other people think our couple is good, but showing it is not enough,” to which the acquaintances responded, “Love can be poison if it goes too far.” Next, the husband explained his past story in front of people around him who said that appropriate attention is important.

In the past, the wife said that she would go home after the dinner party ended around 10 p.m., but her cell phone was turned off after that, and when she returned and asked what she was doing, she responded by saying, “I slept with that XX,” shocking everyone. In response, my wife explained, “I didn’t do anything, and I didn’t want to ruin the mood, so I turned off the phone.” However, upon seeing her husband's disapproval, he angrily said, "Yes, I cheated," and the husband also exploded at his wife's behavior, which he took lightly.

Dr. Oh Eun-young, who watched the two, said, “There are important incidents mixed up, and if we don’t break these issues down and find a solution, we will continue to fight for the same reasons. “We need to sort out the incidents,” he said. He also pointed out the 'out of anger' conversation method and analyzed that the 'outrage' of the two people had different meanings. When a wife says something that offends her feelings or the other person gets angry, she talks 'out of anger' to protect her safety, and the husband talks 'out of anger' because he thinks, 'You're making me easy, and you don't take my feelings into consideration.' He analyzed that this was causing him to become harsh and pointed out that one should not have a conversation 'out of anger'. Next, MC Kim Eung-soo gave advice, saying, “My husband’s good side, which I’ve shown so far, has shaken my trust because of the ‘angry’ conversation.”

In addition to this, the two were having a conflict over the topic of 'suspicion of infidelity'. The husband said, “When my wife was working at her mother-in-law’s store, I happened to see her cell phone. “At that time, a man saw a picture of himself playing golf and a message saying ‘I’m here’ and ‘Did you sleep well?’ and the man said he was an employee of a business partner,” he began the story. He then confessed that he suspected his wife of having an affair because of the fact that he erased the contact records that his wife shared with employees of the business partner, that his mother-in-law cared more for the employees of the business partner than his daughter and son-in-law, and that his wife was captured on the store's CCTV.

On the other hand, the wife was in the position that there was nothing to admit because she did not cheat. The wife expressed her disappointment, saying that no matter how much she explained that it was not the case, they never believed her, and explained the reason for hiding the contact records with the business partner, saying that she deleted them because her husband was suspicious after the last incident and did not want to cause a fight. However, the husband said, “Mental infidelity is also infidelity,” and repeated what his wife had angrily said in the past, “I depended on that person.” However, Dr. Oh Eun-young said, “The husband trusts his wife,” and analyzed the husband’s sincerity by pointing out, “Behind the words, ‘It’s a mental affair,’ there is something he really wants to say.” It is said that the wife must have been upset and disappointed that she was not the person she confided in when she was upset and that the person she discussed with was not her husband. After hearing Dr. Eun-young Oh's words, the wife said, "I think this is why we really need to talk," and accepted her husband's sincerity. I brought it in.

In addition, Dr. Eunyoung Oh reminded us, “More than 100 words, a husband’s actions in life are what truly respect and warm him.” Meanwhile, the husband's expression, which was stiff at the beginning of the consultation because the story about the 'infidelity' was not resolved, appeared to completely relax at the end of the recording.

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