Jeong Ga-eun "My ex-husband who scammed 13.2 billion won must pay for his crime."
Jeong Ga-eun "My ex-husband who scammed 13.2 billion won must pay for his crime."
Broadcaster Jeong Ga-eun confessed that she explained to her young daughter about her father's alleged fraud.

In Channel A's 'Best Friends Tocumentary - Table for Four' (hereinafter referred to as 'Table for Four'), which aired on the 3rd, broadcaster and CEO Ahn Sun-young appeared and invited her close friends, actors Jeong Ga-eun, Song Jin-woo, and Yang So-young, lawyers.

On this day, Jeong Ga-eun expressed her gratitude to Ahn Sun-young for caring a lot about her as she raised her child alone after her divorce. Jeong Ga-eun confessed, "After the divorce, I started talking about money to my children. I couldn't buy them things that I used to buy for them before." He added, "When my child asks me to buy something, I wonder if I can afford to buy it for him. And I say, 'Mom, I don't have money right now so I can't buy it for him. I have to save it.'"

Meanwhile, Jeong Ga-eun expressed regret, saying, "One day, my 8-year-old daughter asked me, 'If you have 600,000 won, can you feed your family for a few days?' I thought it made her worry about money."
Jeong Ga-eun "My ex-husband who scammed 13.2 billion won must pay for his crime."
Jeong Ga-eun "My ex-husband who scammed 13.2 billion won must pay for his crime."
The hardships of single mothers were also revealed. Jeong Ga-eun said, "Two years ago, my daughter asked me, 'Why doesn't my dad call me?'" and "I had an answer prepared while I was working at a counseling center. She said, 'I miss you so much, but my mom doesn't even know my dad's phone number.'" said.

He then said, "Dad lied to Mom and others. And he had to pay for his sins, but he ran away. But Dad will miss you." Jeong Ga-eun confessed that she changed her daughter's last name last year, saying, "My daughter cried all day, but she stopped looking forward to it after that. I wanted her to know that not living with her father is not a sad thing."

He also expressed his thoughts about remarriage. Jeong Ga-eun said, "I want to love again. I had no intention of remarrying until a year ago, but I am looking for someone who loves me and who can be a good father to my daughter."

Jeong Ga-eun married Kim in 2016 and gave birth to a daughter, but divorced by agreement in December 2017. Jeong Ga-eun took custody. Afterwards, in 2019, Jeong Ga-eun sued her ex-husband for violating the Act on Aggravated Punishment of Specific Economic Crimes and fraud.

According to the complaint, the ex-husband created a bank account in Jeong Ga-eun's name in December 2015, right before he married Jeong Ga-eun, and even after the divorce in May 2018, he used the account and Jeong Ga-eun's reputation to steal more than KRW 13.2 billion from numerous victims a total of 660 times. The amount was stolen.

In addition, he defrauded Jeong Ga-eun of more than 100 million won in financial gain and even took a seal in Jeong Ga-eun's name for the purpose of acquiring a car. Jeong Ga-eun claimed that she never received living expenses or child support during her marriage or after the divorce, and rather continued to receive financial demands even after the divorce. .

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google