Kim Ji-ho♥Kim Ho-jin, adult daughter revealed for the first time
Kim Ji-ho♥Kim Ho-jin, adult daughter revealed for the first time
Actor Kim Ji-ho♥Kim Ho-jin's daughter Hyo-woo is revealed to the public for the first time in her 20s.

In 'Joseon's Lover', which will be broadcast on the 3rd (Monday), Kim Ji-ho and Kim Ho-jin finally leave for Namhae, the location of their own healing project. As their dog Byeol followed the 'Hoho Couple', only the couple's only daughter, Hyowoo, remained in their Seoul home. Kim Ji-ho, who was happy about living alone with her husband in Namhae, was traveling in a car when she received a call from Hyo-woo, and she instantly went into 'mom mode', saying, "I want you to eat kimchi stew for dinner."

Miss Hyo-woo was curious about her pet's well-being, asking, "Is Byeol at home?", but when Ji-ho Kim replied, "I brought you in because you weren't watching Byeol," she said, "Good job," and was satisfied with the situation, which had become a true 'Home Alone'. . He also expressed his excitement by saying, “I’m so excited to go home now. I’m going to go home and eat the leftover tteokbokki.” Kim Ho-jin responded, “Are you excited because we’re not there? “Aren’t you so happy?” he said, before dropping a bombshell by saying, “You…your tteokbokki dad abandoned you.” At this, Hyo-woo was silent for a moment and then said, “...You can order it again,” making everyone laugh.

On this day's broadcast, Kim Ji-ho ♥ Kim Ho-jin's second-year-old Hyo-woo appears on air for the first time after growing up as an adult. The appearance of the 'holy couple' returning to their real-life mom and dad moments on the phone with Hyo-woo catches the eye. Also, the 'Alone with You' project, which means a lot to Kim Ji-ho, who took a break from acting to raise her daughter, will begin in earnest in Namhae.

It will be revealed on TV CHOSUN's 'Joseon's Lover', which airs at 10 PM on Monday, June 3.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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