Song Ji-woo transforms into a third-generation chaebol
Song Ji-woo transforms into a third-generation chaebol
Actress Song Ji-woo transformed into a third-generation chaebol.

Song Ji-woo plays a half-lawless princess who pursues elegance in the TVING original series ‘I Openly Dream of Cinderella’ (creator Baek Mi-kyung, writer Yuja, director Kim Min-kyung, production CJ ENM, Story Phoenix, Keyeast, provided by TVING), which was released on the 31st. She first appeared in the role of Dan-ah.

At the end of the second episode, Dan-ah Band appeared in a fancy outfit that could only be seen in an amusement park parade, giving off both lovely visuals and a four-dimensional charm. Dan-ah, who caught everyone's attention with her charming tone and expression, used the nickname 'Honey' for Moon Cha-min (Lee Jun-young) and stimulated curiosity about the relationship between the two by saying that she had turned on the couple app and came to find her fiancé.

Song Ji-woo, who showed off her character's solid acting even in her short appearance, said at the production presentation held on the 29th, "Through this work, I hope you will know that I also have a lovely side," and "I hope you will forget about Hye-jeong (in Netflix's 'The Glory')." He also conveyed his bold ambition.

Song Ji-woo has built up her filmography by appearing in a variety of works regardless of genre, including Netflix's 'The Glory', which impressed the public with her presence, as well as 'Into Your Time' and 'Doctor Slump'. Expectations are rising for the new acting transformation that Song Ji-woo, who plays Ban Dan-ah, who has an unmistakable charm, will show through 'I Openly Dream of Cinderella.'

Meanwhile, two episodes of TVING's original series 'I Openly Dream of Cinderella' starring Song Ji-woo are released every Friday.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google