Kim Hee-sun met Go Hyun-jung's ex-husband
Kim Hee-sun met Go Hyun-jung's ex-husband
Kim Hee-sun happened to meet Shinsegae Chairman Jeong Yong-jin, the ex-husband of actress Go Hyun-jung.

In the tvN entertainment show 'Let's Eat and Drink' that aired on the 30th, Kim Hee-sun was seen walking around Apgujeong Rodeo and accidentally meeting Chairman Jeong Yong-jin and his wife.

Kim Hee-sun walked around Apgujeong Rodeo Street with Lee Eun-ji and found Chairman Jeong Yong-jin and his wife eating at an outdoor table at a restaurant. Jeong Yong-jin married Go Hyun-jung in 1995, but announced the news of divorce in 2003, eight years later. Afterwards, Go Hyun-jung returned to the entertainment industry through the 2005 drama 'Spring Day'. Jeong Yong-jin remarried flautist Han Ji-hee in 2011 and gave birth to twins in December 2012.

Chairman Jeong Yong-jin waved at the camera, and Kim Hee-sun hesitated while trying to wave and showed an embarrassed smile. Chairman Jeong Yong-jin said, “Have a good time filming,” and Lee Eun-ji said, “This is the first time I’ve seen a chaebol since I was born. I was surprised and said, “The only Yongjin I know is Lee Yongjin.” Kim Hee-sun joked, “Shouldn’t we get PPL then?”
Kim Hee-sun met Go Hyun-jung's ex-husband
Kim Hee-sun met Go Hyun-jung's ex-husband
On this day, Kim Hee-sun also talked about her relationship with Kang Ho-dong and 2PM Jun-ho. Kim Hee-sun said that her daughter and Kang Ho-dong attended the same elementary school, adding, “Sihu and my child went to the same school. “I saw him often because he was in the class right next door,” he said.

Kim Hee-sun continued, “I ended up selling my house to someone because the kids were older and I wanted to reduce my luggage. “2PM Junho bought that house,” he said. “When I moved in, I found out it was Junho.” “What kind of woman are you taking in your car?” he joked.

My first food friends were Na Young-seok and Cha Seung-won. Cha Seung-won said about his relationship with Kim Hee-sun, “We did a sitcom called New York Story. Appearing as a cameo was meant to be. And we also met through a movie,” he said.

Na Young-seok asked Kim Hee-sun, “Are pretty women attracted to funny men?” and Kim Hee-sun said, “I love it,” and expressed her continued affection for her current husband, saying that he is funny.

Kim Hee-sun's best friend Song Yoon-ah, who appeared as a surprise food friend, revealed, "Kim Hee-sun always had a boyfriend." Kim Hee-sun responded, “It’s really ridiculous. “Drink it quickly,” he said in embarrassment. Nevertheless, Song Yoon-ah continued to reveal, “Hee-sun is not this kind of character,” and “Hee-sun didn’t show even one-tenth of the tension,” drawing laughter.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google