Junhyung Park, the reason he was able to continue with God for 25 years
Junhyung Park, the reason he was able to continue with God for 25 years
god's eldest brother Park Jun-hyung revealed his investment secrets.

Group G.O.D member Park Jun-hyung will appear as a special MC on 'Sadangwi', which will be aired on Sunday, June 2nd. Park Jun-hyung introduced himself by saying, “I’m an idol older than KBS,” and reacted coolly to Park Myung-soo’s mischievous request, “Please let Yoon Kye-sang appear,” by saying, “Brother, come on ‘Donkey,’” making the studio laugh from his first appearance. Attention is focused on what kind of performance he will perform.

In particular, Park Jun-hyung, who is known to be a rich hobbyist, reveals that purchasing old cars is his own financial secret, making the cast members' ears perk up. Park Jun-hyung, who has had a hobby of modifying cars since the mid-1980s, said, “I recently purchased a 1995 K car Pride. The price of the old car is 2.3 million won, but the wheels purchased separately cost 2.5 million won.” Meanwhile, as god is celebrating its 25th debut anniversary this year, Park Jun-hyung reveals the secret to his successful activities, saying, “A true leader does not exercise authority.”

Meanwhile, ‘Hotel Boss’ Kim Heon-seong, who is famous for being a supercar enthusiast, visits Gymkhana national team coach and professional car racer Park Jae-hong to successfully host a motor show named after him. Kim Heon-seong wins the favor of Park Jae-hong with his beloved limited edition Rottweiler worth 300 million won, and steals attention with his masterful ability to even succeed in the difficult slalom (zigzag running technique).

Finally, the world's second-ranked national car racer surprises everyone by sending a love call to Kim Heon-seong, saying, "We are recruiting new members." Furthermore, Park Jun-hyung and Kim Heon-seong showed unity like old friends from their first meeting in a supercar and an old car, and this can be confirmed in 'Sadangwi'.

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV's 'The Boss's Ears Are Donkey Ears' airs every Sunday at 4:40 PM.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr
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