Danny Ahn, there was a reason why you couldn’t get married… “My ideal type is Suzy”
Danny Ahn, there was a reason why you couldn’t get married… “My ideal type is Suzy”
god member Danny Ahn revealed his ideal type.

In the 116th episode of Channel A's 'Men's Life These Days - Groom's Class (hereinafter referred to as 'Groom's Class')', which aired on the 29th, Danny Ahn brought joy by revealing his single life with the aspects of a 'rich man with hobbies'. In addition, Kim Dong-wan and Seo Yoon-ah met the couple Shim Hyeong-tak and Saya for the first time, enjoyed a camping date, and talked honestly about marriage and second generation, immersing viewers.

Danny Ahn knocked on the door of ‘Groom Class’ with the full recommendation of actor Son Byeong-ho. Son Byeong-ho said, “As a father of two daughters, I highly recommend him as the number one groom. “I hope you get married this year!” he said, introducing Danny Ahn. Danny Ahn, who appeared in the studio immediately after, said, “Among the god members, only me and Hoyoung are single right now. “It’s a bit lonely when the wives and members gather together,” he said.

He then said, “My ideal type is a busy woman who is passionate about her work,” and when asked to choose her ideal type among ‘Kim Ji-won vs. Suzy vs. Jang Young-ran,’ she chose “Suzy.” 'Director of Dating' Jang Young-ran coolly(?) acknowledged the result, and in an atmosphere filled with laughter, Danny Ahn's single house was revealed for the first time on air.

His house attracted attention with its neat white-toned interior and well-organized housekeeping. In particular, it was full of various puzzles, camping equipment, bike clothes, etc. Regarding this, Danny Ahn explained, “Since three of the god members are married, I spend more time alone and my hobbies have increased.” When ‘Principal’ Lee Seung-cheol said, “Hobbies such as camping and biking are somewhat negative factors in terms of ‘groom score,’” Danny An immediately declared, “We will organize everything.”

He said, “I want to find a side of myself that I didn’t know about for 45 years. “I will use this as an opportunity to develop further and become more mature,” he said. Afterwards, he had a cafe latte for breakfast that he made himself, saying that he had acquired a ‘Level 1 barista certification’. I also practiced DJing, rapping, and acting in a soundproof booth set up in the room. The 'mentor group' who saw this exploded with admiration and concern, saying, "He seems like a master at playing alone."

While having some alone time, he said, “Would you like to go out soon?” and went out in the car. In the car, Danny called his mother, saying, “I need to call her.” A mother with a girlish voice spoke sweetly on the phone, saying, “I don’t know why my son has been alone until now. “I wish I could have a girlfriend,” he said, giving a salty laugh.

After receiving his mother's support(?), Danny Ahn arrived at the boxing gym and worked hard by jumping rope and shadow boxing on an empty stomach. Then, wearing a suit and holding a bouquet of flowers, he headed somewhere, raising the curiosity of the mentors by asking, “Who do you want to meet today?”

Amid Danny Ahn's strong appearance and curiosity about the next story, a scene unfolded where the couple Kim Dong-wan and Seo Yoon-ah enjoyed camping in the forest. On this day, the two invited Shim Hyung-tak and Saya to the camping site and enjoyed their first 'double date'. Kim Dong-wan and Shim Hyung-tak set out to set up the tent, while Seo Yoon-ah and Saya took a walk nearby. Then, while taking a break at a nearby snack bar, Seo Yoon-ah quietly asked Saya, “How is your married life?”

Saya said, “The good thing about marrying Mr. Sim is that I feel stable,” and then added, “There are no downsides. “Not yet,” he said, smiling brightly. However, Saya said, “I went on a trip with my husband not long ago, and I was watching YouTube with earphones on. “I fought because it was sad,” he revealed. Seo Yoon-ah complimented, “But I think Saya looks cute even when she gets angry,” to which Saya said, “Now (getting angry at Shim) has no effect,” making the studio mentor group burst into laughter.

Saya's revelations continued thereafter. Saya said, “Yesterday, (my husband) continued cleaning old toys until dawn. “I wondered if we had a son at home,” he said. When the story of her son came up, Seo Yoon-ah asked, “If you had a second generation, would you want to give birth to a daughter or a son?” Saya said, “It would be nice to have a son like Mr. Sim. “I want our personalities to be half and half alike,” he answered. Immediately after, a virtual 2-year-old photo of Shim Hyung-tak and Saya was released, and Shim Hyung-tak looked thrilled when he saw it.

Seo Yoon-ah also said, “Gender doesn’t matter, but I think it would be fun to dress up as a daughter,” and expressed her wish, “I hope she has an active personality like her brother (Kim Dong-wan).” A virtual second-generation photo of the two was also released, and Kim Dong-wan, who was looking at it silently, said, “I feel like crying,” and ended up shedding tears. He then revealed the reason for his tears, saying, “I wondered if something like that could really happen to me.” Shim Hyung-tak warmly comforted Kim Dong-wan.

The four people who gathered at the campsite later cooked together. In particular, Kim Dong-wan prepared a generous meal of tonjiru (pork and soybean paste stew) for Saya, shashlik, and pot rice for Seo Yoon-ah. Shim Hyeong-tak, who tasted Kim Dong-wan's cooking, highly praised(?), saying, "It's the most delicious food I've had since getting married!" Seo Yoon-ah looked at the Shim Hyeong-tak and Saya couple and said, “I think the ideal life is to get married, get along well, and have children, but I also want to be friends with the person I will marry in the future.”

Saya, who heard this, said, “It’s amazing and nice that we can just laugh and talk even when we’re fighting. “Not yet,” he countered. Lastly, the four people enjoyed ‘palm time’. At this time, Seo Yoon-ah said, “Hyung Tak! Drink less alcohol and wear a good couple ring. And he cutely warned, “Don’t watch YouTube while traveling,” making everyone burst into laughter. Furthermore, he sweetly said to Kim Dong-wan, “Dong-wan, let’s be happy,” filling the campsite with pink.

Channel A's 'Groom Class' airs every Wednesday at 9:30 p.m.

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