Hyerim goes to a hotel in China and reminisces about Wonder Girls memories
Hyerim goes to a hotel in China and reminisces about Wonder Girls memories
Woo Hye-rim reveals the secret story of overseas performances during her Wonder Girls days.

Episode 111 of Channel S's 'Maybe I'll Go Again', which airs this afternoon (30th), is a special feature called 'Travel destinations on a continent with a different class'. Kim Shin-young will compete in a package travel battle with travel creator Jin Jin Hani to the Czech Republic, Lee Seok-hoon to Qingdao with Flower Sister, and Choi Tae-seong to Morocco with Terry Dang. In addition, former Wonder Girls singer Woo Hye-rim will join as a travel friend to determine the winner of the battle.

Hye-rim Woo introduces an anecdote about her dormitory during her Wonder Girls days. He goes on a LAN cable trip to Qingdao and helps with commentary. He shows off his skills as an expert by teaching Chinese to the MCs. Woo Hye-rim, who saw the appearance of the Qingdao 5-star hotel with a private garden within the castle walls, exclaimed, “Isn’t this a castle?” He expressed his frustration, saying, "I've been to many hotels, but in China the rooms were always spacious. I was so scared that I couldn't sleep alone." Woo Hye-rim reminisces about the Wonder Girls' friendship, adding, "Whenever I was scared of being alone, I would go to Sunye's room to play."

Qingdao attracts attention with its local restaurants. On the signboard of a local restaurant in Qingdao, it is found that 'This is where Baek Jong-won came' written in Korean, like a Michelin certification mark. Curiosity is rising about Qingdao local restaurants certified by Baek Jong-won. Lee Seok-hoon is surprised to see Qingdao, which has changed 180 degrees from the time he visited for a performance in the past, saying, "There were no tall buildings at that time. Qingdao, which was once an empty plain, has changed like this."

Channel S's 'Might I Go Again' will be broadcast today (30th) at 9:20 PM.

Ten Asia Reporter Lee So-jeong forusojung@tenasia.co.kr translated by google