Ahn Bo-hyun = Baek Jong-won attachment doll
Ahn Bo-hyun = Baek Jong-won attachment doll
Actor Ahn Bo-hyun returned with ‘Backpacker 2’.

'Backpacker', which received a lot of love when broadcast in 2022 and recorded the highest viewership rating of 5% (based on Nielsen Korea's nationwide paid households), returns for season 2, and what kind of performance Ahn Bo-hyun, who showed special chemistry and chemistry with Baek Jong-won, will show in season 2. While expectations are high, Ahn Bo-hyun is garnering attention by showing off his unprecedented charm as a first-year member.

In the first episode of 'Backpacker 2', which aired on the 26th, Ahn Bo-hyun was happy to reunite with Baek Jong-won after two years, and then welcomed new members including Lee Soo-geun, Go Kyung-pyo, and Heo Kyung-hwan. When Lee Soo-geun appeared first at the small founding ceremony held in the middle of nowhere, Ahn Bo-hyun greeted him with a round of applause, and when he saw Go Kyung-pyo appear later, he was happy and hugged him, whom he had always been close with, and welcomed him with his whole body. Afterwards, Ahn Bo-hyun, who even welcomed Heo Gyeong-hwan with a warm smile, headed to the clam fishing village, the first business trip destination, with the newly formed catering team.

Ahn Bo-hyeon arrived at Mageum Fishing Village, the largest clam fishing village in the West Sea, and under Baek Jong-won's instructions, began setting up a kitchen in the bare ground of the fishermen's rest area. Ahn Bo-hyun stood out among the busy catering team, which was divided into groups due to limited time. They carefully set the table, even thinking about the layout, and took out the knives they had prepared, showing off their skillful cutting skills. They also kindly greeted and served food to seniors who came home from work. Moreover, they provided food for those who had to move on immediately for their next schedule. The delicate way he packed his lunch box was enough to excite not only the fishing community's elders but also viewers at home theaters.

In particular, Ahn Bo-hyun attracted attention by quietly and reliably playing his role even in places that were not visible. Even in the extreme outdoor kitchen, he pretended to be Baek Jong-won's right-hand man, Baek Jong-won's 'born arm', and showed off his special chemistry by providing clean assistance at the right time and place. Although he smiled shyly, he was more serious and focused than anyone else when working, attracting attention.

Accordingly, Ahn Bo-hyun returned to 'Backpacker 2' after two years with full of expectations. Attention is being paid to the activities he will show in the future.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google