Seonwoo Yong-nyeo, emergency room after stopping recording due to cerebral infarction
Seonwoo Yong-nyeo, emergency room after stopping recording due to cerebral infarction
Sunwoo Yong-yeo reveals the story of going to the emergency room after stopping recording due to cerebral infarction.

The original sitcom queen Seonwoo Yong-yeo will appear on Channel A's entertainment show 'Best Friends Tocumentary - Table for 4' (hereinafter referred to as 'Table for 4'), which will air today (27th).

On this day's broadcast, Seonwoo Yong-yeo invites Lee Gyeong-sil, the godmother of the comedy world, KBS announcer-turned-broadcaster Kim Gyeong-ran, and Park Sool-nyeo, a hanbok designer who has taken the lead in 'popularizing hanbok', to her apartment in Yongsan-gu. In particular, on this day, a 'potluck party' will be held where each person can bring their own dishes and enjoy them together, raising expectations about what unique dishes the contestants will bring.

Seonwoo Yong-yeo, who had developed a friendship with Kim Kyung-ran while filming a health program in the past, surprised everyone by confessing, “Kim Kyung-ran is my lifesaver.” Kim Gyeong-ran recalls the time when Seonwoo Yong-yeo discovered symptoms of cerebral infarction during filming, quickly stopped recording, and took her to the emergency room. Kim Gyeong-ran said, “As we were talking at the recording studio, the teacher was answering the book. “My pronunciation was slurred and slow,” he said, vividly testifying to the dangerous situation. Seonwoo Yong-yeo, who preserved the golden time thanks to Kim Kyung-ran, expressed her special feelings, saying, “I can’t forget (the moment I was grateful for).”

Seonwoo Yong-yeo surprised her close friends by confessing her changes in her current situation after cerebral infarction, saying, “I am enjoying traveling alone by driving all over the country from Sokcho to Busan.” Seonwoo Yong-yeo, who lost her husband in 2014, confesses her past history of losing all her assets and living as the head of the household due to her husband's debt, which she took on as soon as she got married. We also reveal Seonwoo Yong-yeo's 'real estate myth', which states that she once owned four real estate properties after her first home, which she purchased by blindly going to the office of the president of the National Housing Corporation and searching for a house because she was 500,000 won short of the house price of 2.5 million won. Seonwoo Yong-yeo, who says she has never resented her husband even though she has worked all her life to repay her debt, is expected to add to the emotion by conveying her lingering longing and affection for her husband.

Kyung-sil Lee confesses how she felt about becoming a grandmother before her 60th birthday due to the sudden birth of her grandson in April 2022. When Son Bo-seung, who was 23 years old at the time, confessed that his girlfriend was pregnant before marriage, saying, “I heard the baby’s heartbeat,” he said, “My eyes turned white. Even after giving birth to my grandchild, I didn’t see my son’s face for a long time. “As I watched, I realized that even though I couldn’t trust my son, I could trust my daughter-in-law,” he said, revealing the touching story of how he accepted his son and his wife.

Next, Park Sool-nyeo mentioned the suspicions of ‘Taekgal’ that arose last year, saying, “It was so difficult that I wanted to let it all go. The misunderstanding that people were buying hanbok from the market and changing the tag before selling it was so unfair and heartbreaking. “The years I lived just looking at hanbok were in vain,” he said, confessing with tears the great crisis of his 46-year hanbok life, arousing regret.

‘Best Friends Tocumentary Table for 4’ airs every Monday at 8:10 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google