Baek Jong-won exploded from his first business trip
Baek Jong-won exploded from his first business trip
tvN's entertainment show 'Backpacker 2', which returned after two years, broke the season's highest viewer ratings from its first broadcast.

In the first episode of 'Backpacker 2', which aired for the first time on the 26th, the first meeting of the catering team announcing the launch of Season 2 was depicted, as well as the story of the catering team carrying out an unprecedented mission in an extreme outdoor kitchen.

The first broadcast on this day recorded an average of 5.4%, a maximum of 8.9% for households in the metropolitan area, and an average of 4.9%, a maximum of 7.6% for households nationwide, ranking first in the same time slot including cable and general programming. In terms of viewership ratings for men and women in their 20s and 49s, which is the target of tvN, it ranked first in the same time slot for all channels, including terrestrial channels, with an average of 2.9% and a highest of 3.8% in the metropolitan area, and first in the same time zone including cable and general programming with an average of 2.7% nationwide and a peak of 3.6%.

The broadcast on this day opened with the welcome reunion of Baek Jong-won and Ahn Bo-hyun, who were together in Season 1. Then, Lee Soo-geun, Go Kyung-pyo, and Heo Kyung-hwan appeared one after another, and as the entire Season 2 cast finally gathered in one place, the appearance of an unknown vehicle caught the eye. Instead of the bags in Season 1, it was possible to carry large quantities of food ingredients and kitchen equipment in a 1.2-ton truck called a 'backpacker'.

The long-awaited first business trip was also unveiled. In the request form, the following keywords were written: 12 PM, 150 people, and 'Clam SOS', arousing curiosity. The first business trip destination we arrived at by ‘backpacker’ was the Taean Mageum-ri fishing village. This is where the largest clam crew, with 150 clam workers and a daily production of 10 tons, gathers. The head of the Magum fishing village, who requested the story, explains that the average age in the area is 76.8 years old, and for those who are worried about the clams that are not being sold as much as before, the 'Hot Hot Clam Crew' 'I ordered a clam menu.

Baek Jong-won and the catering team decided to prepare three menus incorporating Spanish flavors: clam paella, beef radish soup, and super simple braised clams. Under the leadership of Baek Jong-won, the catering team was divided into a shopping team and a kitchen setting team and moved in an orderly manner. The tidal flat kitchen created through the upgraded bag ‘Backpacker’ was truly the best of all time. Baek Jong-won personally visited the kitchen street in Hwanghak-dong and filled the outdoor kitchen with all-time kitchen utensils, including burner drums, extra-large pot lids, and various kitchen utensils, and Baek Jong-won and the catering team began mass cooking with 1 hour and 30 minutes left for distribution.

Five extra-large paella pot lids began to operate, but time was insufficient. Meanwhile, at the chaotic outdoor kitchen scene where clam work was taking place on one side and washing and extreme cooking were taking place on the other, Heo Kyung-hwan and Ahn Bo-hyun said, "It was very peaceful, but it's a war zone," and "It's like the movie 'Mad Max.'" I rushed. Lee Soo-geun also said, "It's a mess, it's a mess," but also brightened the mood by saying, "Isn't this eco-friendly?" Meanwhile, the seniors who had finished their work began to sit down one by one, creating even more tension.

It was not easy to cook paella rice properly in a very large pot lid. To make matters worse, the clam chowder hasn't even started. Baek Jong-won had to make a decision at a critical crossroads, and decided to put the side dish, braised clams, on hold for a while. He immediately placed the clams on the lid of the paella pot, which was the main dish, covered it with foil, and steamed it. After many twists and turns, the clam paella with all meat, sea, and air was completed in a delicious way. Beef radish soup was also boiled thoroughly to bring out the juices of the marbled meat and the freshness of the radish.

Baek Jong-won was worried that the elderly, with an average age of 76.8 years old, would be unfamiliar with paella, but the fishing village residents unanimously said, "It's delicious." In the afternoon, seniors who had to do farming work were treated to a drive-through takeout on a cultivator, and a total of 182 meals were distributed, including additional packaging. A site where Baek Jong-won's brilliant wit could be confirmed once again. Baek Jong-won even served stir-fried clams, which he had not been able to do before, and gave a warm feeling.

The first business trip of Season 2, which started in a tidal flat kitchen, caught the eye with its larger scale along with Baek Jong-won, an impromptu cooking magician who proved his unrivaled class, and 'Backpacker'. The 'work chemistry' of the good working caterers was also a point that added to the immersion. Ahn Bo-hyun, who returned after two years, satisfied Baek Jong-won with 'Botail', which still focuses on decoration, and also caught the eye with his neat cutting skills. Heo Gyeong-hwan demonstrated his ability to take care of ingredients and was reborn as a 'permanent guide', while Lee Soo-geun, an all-rounder, showed off his presence as an atmosphere maker who takes care of the elderly. Go Kyung-pyo blended in perfectly with the catering team by constantly exerting his energy and struggling in the outdoor kitchen without losing his cheerfulness.

In 'Backpacker 2', which will be aired next week, expectations were heightened as a scene was predicted where actor Lee Do-hyun goes on a business trip to the Air Force Military Music Guard Battalion where he is serving.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google