I never thought the vacancy for Ahn Jung-hwan would be this big.
I never thought the vacancy for Ahn Jung-hwan would be this big.
A crisis comes to the first ‘Hands on My Hand’ on a 0.5-star uninhabited island without Ahn Jung-hwan.

In MBC's entertainment show 'Good Rest,' which airs on the 27th, employee Boom takes on the challenge of running a 0.5-star uninhabited island for the first time without CEO Ahn Ahn Jung-hwan. Boom's first 0.5-star uninhabited island operation will feature Junhyung Park, Jihyun Park, and chef Hoyoung Jeong. At the studio, CEO Ahn Jung-hwan, employees Kim Dae-ho, Koyote Shinji, and singer Jang Ye-eun are expected to watch.

On this day, executives and employees are excited about ‘Hold My Hands’. Park Jun-hyung, a man with experience in uninhabited islands whose skills have already been proven, and Park Ji-hyun, a son from Mokpo who has worked in the fishing industry, stepped forward as the muguri. In particular, everyone is curious about what kind of performance Park Ji-hyun, who is confident despite being her first challenge, will perform.

However, when 'Hold My Hands' begins, a confusing situation unfolds, unlike when Ahn Jung-hwan was around. This is because there was no charismatic leader who led the work. Ahn Jeong-hwan, seeing the fish that are supposed to dive doing 'I'll do my best' on land and even flocking to one place, points out the lack of leadership, saying, "It shouldn't be like that." Accordingly, Boom, an employee, is said to be trying to resolve the situation, raising expectations to see how his ability to deal with the crisis will be demonstrated.

At this time, the atmosphere is refreshed thanks to an unexpected guest who comes near the 0.5-star uninhabited island. A ‘native ooo’ family came to a 0.5-star uninhabited island and the most beautiful scenery ever unfolded. The workers who saw this said, “I think the 0.5-star uninhabited island is going to be a big hit,” and said, “I’ll do it with my own hands.”

The two mermaids, Park Jun-hyung and Park Ji-hyun, who finally entered the water, showed off their refreshing ‘My Hand Nae Jap’ based on their excellent swimming skills. Meanwhile, it is said that Park Jun-hyung fought to the death with a mysterious seafood he encountered in the sea. I am curious about the identity of the seafood that uninhabited island veteran Park Jun-hyung struggled with and the outcome of the game.

The results of the first 'Hold My Hands' of the 0.5-star uninhabited island that unfolds without 'CEO Ahn' Ahn Jung-hwan can be confirmed on 'Good Rest, Good', which airs at 9 PM on the same day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google