Kim Ji-ho "I did everything for my child"
Kim Ji-ho "I did everything for my child"
Kim Ji-ho and Kim Ho-jin, the 'Hoho couple' who have been married for 24 years, make their first appearance. While the 'Leeds days' of Kim Ji-ho and Kim Ho-jin, who were 'Generation

On the 27th, the couple Kim Ji-ho and Kim Ho-jin will appear for the first time on TV Chosun's 'Joseon's Lovers'. The 'Lovers' MCs, who heard the hint that they were a 'star actor couple' without knowing who the new cast members were, were filled with anticipation, thinking of Jang Dong-gun ♥ Ko So-young, Yoo Jun-sang ♥ Hong Eun-hee, etc., and welcomed the appearance of 'Ho-Ho Couple' Kim Ji-ho ♥ Kim Ho-jin with exclamation. did.

And an accompanying interview with 'Hoho Couple' and the production team was released as a pre-release video. In the video, Kim Ji-ho reminisces about the past, saying, “When I took my daughter to sleep with me when she was young, she was so pretty and happy even if she only slept on the ground.” However, Kim Ji-ho said about taking a hiatus from her acting career while focusing on raising children, “In hindsight, when I think about it, I didn’t really have to be around my child that much. I look back calmly and say, “Didn’t I give my all to my child?” And, “I thought it would be a big problem without me, but that’s not the case at all. But as time went by, I realized that,” she said, offering words of sympathy as a mother who raised children first to women who are caught between work and raising children.

To comfort Kim Ji-ho's feelings, Kim Ho-jin, the 'lover' husband, prepares a 'special gift' just for his wife. The identity of Kim Ho-jin-pyo's gift, which is incredibly sweet for a couple who have been together for 24 years, will be revealed in the live broadcast of 'Joseon's Lover'. Kim Ho-jin expresses his affection for his wife, saying, “If I get the slightest chance, I will do whatever I want.” Even Choi Seong-guk, the ‘original lover’, was speechless, saying, “How can this be a couple that has been together for 24 years?”

On this day's broadcast, videos of Kim Ji-ho, the CF queen who captivated the 'Generation It is going to be.

‘Joseon’s Lover’ airs every Monday at 10 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google