Gyuhyung Lee, Tears of a Bad Guy
Gyuhyung Lee, Tears of a Bad Guy
It's clearly a false apology and tears from a 'bad guy', but it moves my heart. Lee Kyu-hyung of Disney+'s 'Uncle Samsik' shook the hearts of viewers with 'Crocodile Tears'.

In the Disney+ series 'Uncle Samsik', which was released on the 22nd, Kang Seong-min (played by Lee Gyu-hyung) confessed to Ahn Yo-seop (played by Joo Jin-mo) that he founded the anarchist group Sinuisa in the past and shed tears of apology. Ahn Yo-seop guessed that Sinuisa Temple was related to the death of his eldest son, Ahn Ki-cheol (played by Oh Seung-hoon), and suspected that Kang Seong-min was in charge of this. Kang Seong-min, who had nowhere to turn, confessed to his activities at Shinui Temple, but drew a line by lying that he had nothing to do with Ahn Ki-cheol's death. Kang Seong-min, who knelt in front of Ahn Yo-seop and shed tears of apology, thought he had found his place again, but not only Ahn Yo-seop, but even Uncle Samsik (played by Song Kang-ho), the only person Kang Seong-min trusted and relied on, was behind Kang Seong-min's back and was planning to bring him down.

Uncle Samsik presented Kim San (played by Byun Yo-han), who emerged as a person who could replace Kang Seong-min, in front of Kang Seong-min, creating a heated political confrontation. Samsik's uncle, who knows all of Kang Seong-min's secrets and weaknesses, dreams of a new version of Korea on Kim San's side rather than on Kang Seong-min's side, while the appearance of Kim San, a thorn in Kang's eyes, makes him uncomfortable, forming a dangerous three-way structure. The tense tension between Kang Seong-min and Kim San, who are engaged in a full-scale confrontation, decorated the ending, raising both expectations and curiosity about the next episode.

Lee Kyu-hyung portrayed Kang Seong-min as a dangerous and pathetic bad guy. Kang Seong-min, who became a member of the Korean Aristocracy and became a member of the National Assembly, was, as Uncle Samsik said, 'a very timid person' even in a high position. Lee Kyu-hyung expressed Kang Seong-min’s ‘fear’ with sincerity. A sincerity that makes even false apologies and tears believable. Lee Kyu-hyung's tears and self-defense in front of Ahn Yo-seop shook the hearts of viewers who knew the truth. The expression pleading for the truth with dull eyes demonstrated the power to make lies real, and even evoked regret that Kang Sung-min might not be a complete bad guy. Lee Kyu-hyung's acting gave the character a pitiful heart and at the same time made people take Kang Seong-min's side.

However, Kang Seong-min's ambition, which cannot be hidden, was expressed harshly and strongly. It made me realize again what kind of person Kang Seong-min is when he looks lowly at Kim San and looks at him with disdain, as if telling him his position. Lee Kyu-hyung's dual emotional acting gives goosebumps to the viewers and sometimes makes Kang Seong-min follow the play with a nervous mind because he doesn't know when he will be taken down, while also making him watch the play with the feeling that he should not go up any further. Lee Gyu-hyung's passionate performance, which heightened the interest of the play just by following the actor's performance, continues to receive favorable reviews.

Meanwhile, Disney+'s series 'Uncle Samsik', in which Lee Kyu-hyung's sad bad guy Kang Seong-min plays and shakes the hearts of viewers, is released every Wednesday on Disney+.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google