Byun Woo-seok goes and Song Seung-heon comes.
Byun Woo-seok goes and Song Seung-heon comes.
Song Seung-heon returns after five years as genius conman Kang Ha-ri.

tvN's new Monday-Tuesday drama 'Player 2: War of the Clowns', which will be aired for the first time on June 3rd as a follow-up to 'No Seonjae, No Bounce', features the return of more powerful 'scammers' such as con artists, hackers, fighters, and drivers to shake off the 'haves'. It's a throw away team play action scam.

In the play, Song Seung-heon plays Kang Ha-ri, a 'scammer' who is perfect in everything from appearance to intelligence, quickness, and eloquence, and a 'scammer' who uses this to rob villains. We are looking forward to the ever-changing face that will be revealed through the character of Kang Ha-ri, the leader of the players and the designer who leads the huge 'board', and the thrilling catharsis that will be presented to viewers.

Song Seung-heon (playing the role of Kang Ha-ri) first gave a welcome greeting to viewers, saying, “I am very happy and grateful just to be able to present season 2.” “I often talked about Season 2 with actors Lee Si-eon (played by Lim Byeong-min) and Tae Won-seok (played by Do Jin-woong), and it was even more nice to meet them again. “Once we worked together, a comfortable atmosphere was naturally created, and in that environment, we were able to quickly become closer to the newly joined actors Oh Yeon-seo (played by Jeong Soo-min) and Jang Gyu-ri (played by Cha Jay),” he said, revealing his extraordinary teamwork.

In addition, regarding the role of Kang Ha-ri, who showed a successful acting transformation with a different charm from what she had shown so far and was well received as a 'character of life', she explained, "What is attractive is that she has gentle leadership and a pleasant side at the same time." He also pointed out similarities between himself and himself, saying, “When I’m with people I feel comfortable with, like Hari, I seem to be similar in that I joke around and try to make the atmosphere fun.”

It makes one wonder how Song Seung-heon will portray Kang Ha-ri's character, who has so many similarities, this time. As there are episodes that deal with social issues as well as exhilarating revenge in the work, he expressed his passion for acting, saying, “I needed to do a lot of preparation and research in advance, including getting advice from people around me working in the related industry.” He showed off his ‘actor-like’ side.

Lastly, Song Seung-heon emphasized team play, which stands out the most in the work. He raised expectations further by saying, “As it is a team-play scam where the players deal with social evils in their own way, it would be good to watch it by focusing on the charm of each player and the ‘sum’ they create when they meet.”

Song Seung-heon and Kang Ha-ri can be seen in 'Player 2: War of the Clans', which will be aired for the first time at 8:50 pm on the 3rd of next month.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google