Jang Dong-min “Create a brand with children’s names”
Jang Dong-min “Create a brand with children’s names”
Jang Dong-min, the 'Edison of the comedy world', reveals the reason why he does not give up broadcasting even though he is on the rise as a businessman, inventing everything from one-touch labels to child care products.

MBC's entertainment show 'Radio Star', which will be broadcast on the 22nd, will feature a special feature called 'Comedian' featuring Kim Jun-ho, Kim Dae-hee, Jang Dong-min, and Hong In-gyu.

Comedian Jang Dong-min shares his thoughts on beating Kim Jong-min and winning the title of most performer with his 11th appearance in 'Las'. He then mentioned Park Jae-jung's unexpected performance in the 843rd 'Why Are You Out There' special aired in November last year and said, "I failed last time. “I will never broadcast with Park Jae-jung again,” he said, causing laughter.

Jang Dong-min, who is known as the 'Edison of the comedy world' for his genius invention idea, shared the news of an update on the patent for the one-touch label removal technology that was revealed in 'Las' and his current situation as a successful businessman who makes invented products, saying, "It is helping my business at the national level." I tell you.

He drew attention by revealing ideas related to child care products derived from his own experience and saying, “I created a brand with my children’s names.” In response, Kim Gu-ra said, “If the business is really doing well, are you going to do broadcasting at the same time? Or are you going to quit?”

Jang Dong-min, who celebrates his 20th debut anniversary this year, says that 'Dog Park Tour' has become the program of his life after 'The Genius', and explains why he has felt the enthusiastic response. He also revealed a crucial episode that happened on a plane when he went to Las Vegas.

Jang Dong-min also said that he had something to reveal about his debut classmates and same-age friends Yoo Se-yoon and Hong In-gyu, and mentioned the past 21 years ago when the two had an uncomfortable relationship. He recalled Hong In-gyu getting angry at Yoo Se-yoon and recalled, “It was actually awkward at the time,” which raises curiosity about the past anecdote between Yoo Se-yoon and Hong In-gyu.

Jang Dong-min also reveals the story of how he got into trouble after borrowing money from Yoo Se-yoon, his friend of 26 years. In the past, he borrowed money while moving, but as soon as Yoo Se-yoon borrowed the money, he started urging him to do so. Jang Dong-min is attracting attention as he said, “Se-yoon even contacted his mother,” recalling a dizzying time.

Jang Dong-min, known as 'Hanam Choi Soo-jong', recently joined 'The Return of Superman' and attracted attention by releasing an episode of the eldest son being better at broadcasting than his father. He said that he was worried about filming 'Shoodol' because his eldest son, who resembles his father, is very shy and is on guard when anyone comes to the house. It is said that he surprised people with a story about his daughter who unexpectedly knows about broadcasting.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google